His recently deceased friend appeared to him but he did not know he was talking to a ghost

Curiosities, English - November 12, 2022
Image 1. His recently deceased friend appeared to him but he did not know he was talking to a ghost

In a video, it was recorded how the guard of a shopping center literally speaks with a ghost; that is, it was seen on the cameras that the guard was interacting with someone, but no one was there; he was completely alone.

An event that changed his life forever

When he was questioned to see if he was in his right mind, he claimed that he was talking to a partner. However, the latter had recently died, being admitted to the emergency room for a cancer that he suffered from. This is the story of the man to whom his recently deceased friend appeared, but he did not know that he was speaking with a specter from beyond. Let’s see:

The case, recorded in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, has aroused the curiosity not only of Colombians, but is now a global issue that has gone viral and awakens all kinds of perspectives and theories in Internet users. In the videos captured by the establishment’s security cameras, they clearly detail how the guard is talking and making signs for a dialogue, but there was no one in front of him. He was talking to himself, but he didn’t know it. That caught the attention of the security members in charge of observing the monitors and they went to talk to him.

The guard assured them that he had just spoken with the cleaner, with whom he got along very well and used to share some snacks and chat from time to time. But what he did not imagine is that this person had lost his life a few hours before their encounter. It was there when he was informed that this individual had perished in the hospital due to a complication due to his terminal illness. Would her soul of him have tried to say goodbye?

The phenomenon was caught on security cameras

When one of the guards noticed the anomaly in the cameras and went to ask him what was happening, the guard told him that he was talking to Joaquín, that was the name of the man who was in charge of cleaning the entire shopping center. But it was there when he found out from the mouth of the other guard, that hours before the family had communicated to report Joaquín’s death.

Immediately, that subject got up from his seat totally in shock, especially because he assures that his conversation with the deceased was very real and that if he had not informed him of anything, he would never have thought that he had spoken with anything more or anything less, that with ghost; with someone, who had already gone to the afterlife.

The man says that he was checking his cell phone, when in an instant his cleaning friend arrived and greeted him with a fist, as he used to. He began to ask her about another of his acquaintances that they have in common and asked her to please greet him on his behalf when he saw him.

Despite the fact that these paranormal phenomena could be chilling, they can also be taken as a comforting event, say the witnesses and the scholars of these supernatural events, since they consider that the bond that links people with their loved ones, is not so easily extinguished by death.

One of the best-selling authors on the subject, researcher Steve Volk in his work entitled “Fringe-ology” in which he also details psychic experiences of all kinds, such as telepathic acts, ghostly apparitions and banishments, etc., comments that:

“We don’t know what to do with these stories. Some people say they are proof that there is life after death.”

In the same book, he proposes a theory that we appreciate in this story: a seriously ill person, dying or recently deceased, telepathically carries out a thought transmission in which he projects the image of himself with someone with whom he has had a significant relationship, but almost they never realize that a message is being broadcast.

Esoteric studies firmly believe that the personality of a recently deceased human being is such a strong energy, that it is possible that it is reflected in the three-dimensional physical plane that we can perceive with the five senses. Various stories have been heard throughout the generations, about appearances of men and women who were already dead, but who interacted with the living as if they had bodily existence.

An irrefutable proof that life does not end with the death of the body, but continues in other dimensions. And likewise, one more proof that we are never alone. This is not the only paranormal case of this kind that has been recorded by a security camera; similar scenes have also been captured in other parts of the world. All of these have contributed to the reaffirmation of the belief in the transcendence of the soul.