Scientists discover that the universe is filling with gold

Scientists discover that the universe is filling with gold

For centuries, human beings have engaged in terrible battles and wars just to get more gold. To achieve it, many people have been able to commit whatever it is. As the years go by, the idea that gold is becoming scarce and there is less and less is accentuated. But recently, scientists have discovered that the universe is inexplicably filling up with gold. Let’s see what this is about:

Experts assure that there is a lot of gold throughout the universe, however, until now it has not been possible to explain its origin and why it is appearing in greater quantity. It must be taken into account that gold is an element of the periodic table, therefore, it is impossible for it to resist conventional chemical reactions. However, daring alchemists tried it in the Middle Ages.

Nature performs wonders, such as linking 118 neutrons with 79 protons in order to generate a single nucleus of an atom and give gold its characteristic shine. It practically performs a demanding nuclear fusion reaction procedure. Even so, such tremendous mergers do not occur every so often or everywhere, as to find bulky treasures out there.

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Current research has found something that has stumped science. They point out that due to strong collisions between neutron stars, the element of gold is produced. But with all this, it is not explained at all what is the cause that gold is multiplying abundantly in the universe. And if that is answered, the great unknown of what is the true origin of this precious metal would also be resolved.

According to studies, neutron star collisions most likely produce gold, by briefly breaking up neutrons and protons bound in the nuclei of atoms, followed by launching those heavy nuclei that have formed, propelled through space. But it is not enough to give concrete answers.

So, could supernovae be the key?

The answer is no, nor do they offer compelling and completely objective arguments for universal gold, since the stars are so enormous that when their death begins they begin to fuse the gold before disappearing completely, when they explode and transform into tremendous black holes.. It’s important to note that when a regular-type supernova occurs, all that gold ends up being sucked out by the immeasurable force of the black hole.

But scientists are still wondering what happens to those rare supernovae that alter stars? That kind of cosmic explosion, a rotational magnet as they’ve called it, is a rather strange, fast-spinning supernova.

At the moment of death, the star throws huge amounts of red-hot matter through outer space. Specifically, these are jets of matter that contain many gold nuclei. It is very rare to see a star melting gold, and those that do so as well as blast it out into space are even rarer.

However, not even with all the magneto-rotational supernovae and neutron stars gathered, has it been possible to arrive at an answer as to why gold is increasing on planet Earth and throughout the universe.

Professor Kobayashi, an astrophysicist at the University of Hertfordshire, has pointedly explained that:

“There are two stages to this question. Number one is: neutron star mergers are not enough. Number two: even with the second source, we still can’t explain the amount of gold observed.”

Gold rain

Previous investigations had been successful in that a great shower of gold is produced thanks to the collisions of neutron stars. However, these studies did not give due weight to the strange details of these collisions. It is very complex to calculate approximately how often the smallest neutron stars, which are nothing more than the remains of brutal old supernovae, collide with each other. And clearly, it is not just any phenomenon or normal. In fact, official science has only been able to capture it once.

Another scientist who has spoken out in this regard is Professor Ian Roederer, an astrophysicist at the University of Michigan, who stated that:

“This article is not the first to suggest that neutron star collisions are insufficient to explain the abundance of gold.”

Gold continues to hide a mystery and nothing is known about its origin, let alone why it is now multiplying. The only thing we can do is rejoice at such a tremendous sign of abundance that the universe is showing us and giving us. That is why the wise men also pointed out that poverty is only a mental issue.

Truly, the universe is abundant wherever you look at it. Scarcity and precariousness are mental states that the mass media and society have programmed us with, but the truth is that we were born in a universe full of riches. The poverty business of the masters of the world keeps them not only at the top of the economic ladder, but also at the pinnacle of power.

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