CoD Warzone – Top 5 Tips To Start Winning Games Instantly

CoD Warzone is all set with new features, adventures, and excitement. Do you want to win the game instantly? Keep reading to learn the tips!

CoD Warzone – Top 5 Tips To Start Winning Games Instantly

Call of Duty (CoD) Warzone is one the most exciting Battle Royale games in the market. It came full of adventures and added features for the players. You have to be cautious at each step while playing to ensure not getting killed and winning.  You have to pay attention to your positioning, sightlines, and understanding the map.

Getting wins is a little bit tougher than other games of Battle Royale. You can take the help of Undetected Warzone Cheats to maximize your performance in the game. It will help you remain undetected from the enemies and ensure to survive till the end of the game.

So, how to ensure that you CoD instantly. It requires a lot of practice and patience. Here are the top 5 tips to start winning the game instantly.

1.  Plan and move

Planning is an important task to do in CoD. Players often get bribed by gunfights or loot with their rivals. They forget entirely their positioning and where the next circle will end up. It more often results in a trip to an early defeat or Gulag. One of the first things you should do is pick a solid landing location and make a plan.

You can bring up the map screen and look where the shrinking gas circle will start. Keep the high ground as much as you can as it will be an advantage in gunfights. You will be required to discuss things with your teammates on playing with squads or trio. Make sure you and your teammates are on the same page when facing the enemy.

2.  Set up the loadouts

Ensure to set up your loadouts before starting a Warzone game. Make multiple loadouts with different gear and weapons. You will sometimes need a specific perk or a weapon when you are stuck in a situation. Try to drop soon during each match. The airdrops will enable your whole squad to pick up one of their loadouts. The airdrops will get them customized guns and equipment.

Choose your loadout to avoid the sitting-duck threat. Feel free to experiment with perks but running with Ghost by default is highly recommended. It will hide you from heartbeat monitors and UAVs. It is a must-pick in CoD Warzone until you want an Overkill class to get your favorite guns at once.

3.  Focus on killstreak

Killstreaks are critical in Warzone, and you will have to make a habit of using them. Don’t simply buy any killstreak without a second thought, as they are costly and can deplete your cash reserves. And yes! Use the killstreak wisely. It is essential to use them at the appropriate time. Some killstreaks have a higher value than others at a specific time in the game.

A UAV used when the circle is too small will not do any good at that time. The majority of the players will have Ghost equipped, but they do not show up. You can invest in Persian Airstrike if you think the game is going late. It will keep the enemies out of the high ground or kill them.

4.  Pick up contracts

Look out for the contracts in the game, as they will earn you extra cash. You can try out a scavenger contract early in the game during the loot. A bounty contract in the middle of the game will give you an idea of the place where another squad might be hiding. Discuss the arrangements you are looking to start with when you are playing with a team. It will prevent you from getting the wrong one.

Other contracts are Recon, Supply Run, and Most Wanted. Contracts are a great way to meet the game’s short-term objective and make the game feel less like guesswork.

5.  Share resources

Working with the team will be a benefit to play in the CoD Warzone. Make sure to call out for your teammates to inform them what you are doing. Talking to them will help you get a warning when things go wrong in the game. You can use a ping system if you do not have a microphone. Ping is integrated into the Warzone to inform the teammates.

Try to team up and avoid going alone for a loot. You can get caught up with gangs of enemies while your teammates will be far away to help you. Try to get a squad to play with as much as you can.


Call of Duty Warzone is all about guns, equipment, loot, map, and contracts. Using them appropriately at the right moment will help you get through and end up in a win for you. Playing smartly with the squad is the key. Follow the above tips to get a win instantly in CoD. Happy gaming!

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