Baba Vanga and her prophecies until the year 5000

An enigmatic seer

Baba Vanga and her prophecies until the year 5000

A distant prophecies, which were supposed to be fulfilled in the year 5000, are authorship of a deceased seer, named Baba Vanga.

These projections of the future described by the old woman are chilling and fearsome. According to her in 5079, the world would end and that three years earlier, in 5076, the Universe would cease to expand and reach its limit.

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Achieving immortality

Although it has dozens and dozens of small prophetic data for years, until those aforementioned dates. For example, one of the most curious is that of the year 4599, in which, according to her, humanity would attain immortality.

Another of the most feared prophecies of this seer, especially for what has been fulfilled, is the great invasion of Middle Eastern migrants in Europe, causing large outbreaks of insecurity and racial violence, for they are the ones who hit Europeans in the streets, they break cars and all kinds of crimes.According to Vanga, they will expand all over the world.

Although the old lady also has her detractors, who claim that she is a fictional character created by the elite, in order to deflect and confuse the masses.

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