The true story of global warming

Curiosities, English, Film - November 25, 2022
Image 1. The true story of global warming

Terrible droughts have been recorded in recent times, as well as waves of intense heat and the media have been showing some parts of Antarctica and the different snow-capped mountains melting. The UN and the international community have singled out only one culprit: human beings. But contradictorily, starting in 2014, impressive cold temperatures began to appear, especially in the areas closest to the poles.

In 2017, Siberia reached -60 degrees Celsius and the United States was hit by a cold bomb cyclone, which even froze the beaches of Florida. This time we will see: “The true story of global warming”:

A lie that many believe

More than 12,000 scientists agree that the real cause of climate change is in space, since the sun shows very particular symptoms that seem to be directly related to the Earth’s climate. Due to the cycles of the star in our solar system, the planet experiences an ice age from time to time. Approximately 12,000 years have passed since the last ice age.

Specifically, various investigations affirm that the global warming that was experienced for a few years is the previous process of the ice age that is approaching and that has already begun. Some illustrious scientists such as Zhen-Shan, analyst of temperature changes, as well as Rauf Galiulin and Vladimir Bashkin, members of the “Basic Biological Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences”, predict that in the year 2030, ice will have invaded the globe. Very similar to the movie “The day after tomorrow”.

This issue has not only caught the attention of climatological experts, but also all the researchers of world conspiracies, who claim to have become aware of a great massive deception regarding the true atmospheric situation that we face and that is coming, making the population believe of all the nations that the Earth was getting hotter and all due to the action of man. And although well, this is a cause, it is not one of the main ones according to the speakers of the glaciation, because even if there were no vehicles and factories, the Earth must go through these cycles.

The United Nations and the main powers of the world agreed a few years ago that each country should pay a tax for global warming, the amount of which is quite large and significant, and obviously, such resources come from the public treasury; Unfortunately, the investments of these enormous amounts are not seen and on the contrary, they have left much to think about.

The main media have emphasized this idea since Al Gore, an American politician, published his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, in which the viewer is persuaded of a supposed global warming that would leave the planet dry and coincided in those days with strong waves of heat

However, the vast majority of professionals in the field are completely in disagreement and are fully convinced that the terrestrial cooling is taking place rapidly and that the ice of Antarctica is multiplying, instead of disappearing. Some video images have been captured of large icebergs melting, but according to Dr. Vladimir Bashkin, this was a temporary phenomenon and only in a few places, an indisputable symptom of the advent of a new glaciation.

“By disrupting a huge ocean current, the melting or melting of Arctic sea ice can trigger a serious drop in temperatures across Europe and North America. The future of the Earth promises to be affected by a new glacial period that, according to physical-mathematical calculations, will be even more severe than that of the past…”, added the Russian scientist.

The prophecies

Something surprising is that long before the phenomenological events began and official science began to pay attention to this, ancient cultures and highly prestigious esotericists predicted the massive freezing of the Earth and everything that dwells on it.

For example, the Mayans affirmed that this would happen entering Katun 13, around the year 2043. Helena Blavatzky, a renowned Russian occultist, clearly said: “Periodic Deluges and Glacial Periods are due to the karmic disturbance of the axis”, as well as than Samael Aun Weor, an anthropologist and teacher of Occult Sciences from the 20th century, who prophesied that due to the approach of a huge planet called Hercolubus, a giant from the neighboring solar system, the terrestrial poles would reverse and cause a terrible ice age, accompanied by catastrophes everywhere, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, among other calamities.

Not to mention Michael de Nostradamus, who since the Middle Ages warned humanity in the future. Likewise, the indigenous wise man from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, VM Rabolú, who through the conscious astral unfolding that he teaches in his books, predicted exactly the same thing. The list of clairvoyants is long…

Currently, scientific advances have been corroborating what these mysterious characters of antiquity affirmed with such emphasis. NASA has already announced that the north magnetic pole has been moving at an impressive speed, which is four times normal. And this was what Nostradamus pointed out, who called the threatening red star “Nibiru” and that every time it got closer, the north magnetic pole would move towards Siberia. Calculations indicate that in the year 1970, its movement of change was 10 kilometers per year, but today it moves at more than 40 kilometers per year.

The end of the prophecies of the ancient cultures and of these mystics, also coincide: when the enormous planet X, Nibhiru or Hercólubus passes too close to the Earth, the electromagnetic shock will be more than abrupt, and from the tremendous blow, the current continents would be submerged in oceans that would lash out with unimaginable apocalyptic tsunamis.

The strong frosts intensify notoriously, in all the nations of the world. Even the Sahara desert, one of the hottest places, was left under thick layers of snow in December 2017. Siberia has reached -60 degrees below zero and even the same animals of that frozen habitat, could not withstand the intense cold and froze to death.

For decades, archaeologists have found frozen mammoths in a perfect state of preservation, which represents very telling proof that in the previous glaciation, these animals froze immediately, in a second. Science warns that the past melting of the Arctic region has paralyzed what is called the “Ocean Gulf Stream”, a fundamental zone for the climate of North America and Western Europe.

Global warming or a new ice age? There is nothing left but to resign ourselves to that maxim of a wise man who dictates: “the facts are the facts and before the facts, we must surrender”.