The most intelligent robot in the world

Curiosities - May 12, 2022

It is called Asimo. It was created by the Honda multinational and, currently, is considered the most intelligent robot in the world. This small robot is able to walk maintaining a perfect balance, avoiding people and objects so as not to trip, run, jump on one foot, climb stairs, transport objects from one place to another, speak in sign language, play soccer, uncover bottles and serve liquid.

Image 1. The most intelligent robot in the world

Technology advances every day

Asimo also has facial recognition, speech synthesis, detects the human voice and is capable of recognizing several voices at the same time, although it can be operated wirelessly, it can also act autonomously and is considered to be useful in catastrophes, serving as a rescuer, even though he still does not quite adapt to walking among debris.

His eyes are black and his smile is a macabre grin that keeps continuously. Another of his most surprising abilities is that he has the intelligence necessary to perceive the movements that occur around him, in order to react when necessary, as when someone crosses his path.

His legs are so sophisticated, he can go up and down stairs with complete freedom. The speed at which it can run is 9 kilometers per hour. The flexibility and design of your hands allow you to perform very difficult tasks, such as uncovering a bottle of wine, serving it in glasses and carrying it on a tray.

In all these years,this android continues to perfect itself. The idea is that one day, in each house there will be an Asimo.