Letter from a beautiful young woman to a millionaire

The case, to confirm whether or not to say, would have happened in the United States in 2013 when a 25-year-old woman, who called herself Rafaela, wrote to a financial portal pstop with the goal of marrying a millionaire, someone who would earn more than half a million dollars ares a year.

Letter from a beautiful young woman to a millionaire

Self-interest takes precedence over many women

The young woman commented that she had already been dating men who earned $250,000, but that wasn’t enough and she wanted to move to the next level because she was pretty, well-educated, educated and wanted to live, at least, in Central Park West.

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However, to her surprise, she received a short response from a man who stated to meet the requirements, earning more than half a million dollars a year and making it clear that what she proposed was a lousy deal for him. Here were some of the reasons:

1. She put the physical beauty and he put the luxurious properties where she would live. However, the beauty of the woman would end, while the goods would remain.

2. The woman’s beauty would cease year after year, while man’s money would most likely increase steadily

3. The woman was an asset suffering depreciation, while the man was an asset that pays dividends.

4. The woman would remain pretty for about 5 to 10 years, so she was on the rise. That is, in time of being sold, but not of being bought.

5. Marriage, as she proposed, involves an extra expense, so it was a form of acquisition, being that for him it would be better for him a rental.

6. Each year that passed she would be less attractive, at the same time that even younger and prettier young people would appear offering the same, but in return for less.

7. Likewise, the man proposed to him to do a “test drive”, that is to say a test to corroborate how wonderfully beautiful and well-formed he was, for just as she put it he was not sure that what he was saying was true.

The man eventually waved goodbye waiting for news of her, not without first emphasizing that buyingit was a bad deal for her increasing devaluation, which she preferred to rent it for as long as it was in good use.

After the note was published, other versions such as that of the woman who writes him a letter very similar to a narco have appeared; however, they appear to be an adaptation to the initial version in which the woman seeks a billionaire man.

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