The most mysterious mountain in America: The Gate of the Gods: Legends of the Peña de Juaica

The most mysterious mountain in America: The Gate of the Gods: Legends of the Peña de Juaica

The Rock of Juaica: portals to another world

It is a relatively common tradition in modern mysticism to look for “energetic” points, keys to access other worlds (either in physical or spiritual terms). One of these points is the well-known Cerro Uritorco in Argentina, another (perhaps), the hidden city of Manoa in the Colombian Orinoquía.

According to several witnesses, one of these places would be located just 30 kilometers from the Colombian capital. In the municipality of Tabio, department of Cundinamarca, there is a point known as the Peña de Juaica that has been the site of observations of strange events, linked – mostly – to the appearance of UFOs. Let’s see:

The Gate of the Gods

At some point in the Savannah, a triangle is marked on the grass in the center of a circle that represents each of the 4 elements. Like an arrow, the triangle points to a nearby hill of just under 400 meters in altitude known as the Peña de Juaica.

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From every point of view, it is a magical place. According to oral tradition, the ancient Muiscas, inhabitants of those regions, worshiped the Peña and performed their rites, their sacrifices and their offerings to the gods there. It was also an important site from which to monitor the surroundings and alert allies of possible attacks.

Already in ancient times, it is said that the indigenous people used to see flashing lights pass through the skies, which they called “lit ranchitos” or, already in colonial times, “shining horses”. For this reason, they baptized the place as La Puerta de los Dioses.

Nowadays, many of the inhabitants of Tabio have witnessed unusual events and most consider that something mysterious is hidden in the Rock. However, theories as to what it may be vary greatly:

Ancient spirits?

We return to the oral tradition. According to the stories of the inhabitants, which have been passed down for generations from father to son, the Peña de Juaica was one of the last places of resistance where hundreds of indigenous people preferred to commit suicide rather than fall to the European conquerors.

His choice was not accidental. They decided to die in one of the most representative places for their people, where their ancestors rested and ancient hidden treasures were hidden. There, they could accompany their own.

And the lights and apparitions are nothing more than the consummation of this last sacrifice: the souls of the indigenous people who died, but who never left their land and who decided to remain forever on the land that was once theirs.

According to the inhabitants, the “guaquería” (that is, the search for treasures) is quite common in the town, since it is said that ancient indigenous tombs keep the gold and idols of the Muisca chiefs and nobles there.


William Chavez Ariza is a Systems Engineer who has been studying the appearance of flying objects in the Peña de Juaica for quite some time. According to the man – who is an accomplished ufologist – he has not only witnessed the appearance of what could be ships, but has also seen humanoid beings walking around the place.

And he was not alone. About 15 witnesses attest to the same apparition one night when they were camping in the village of El Santuario on September 24, 1994. According to Chávez, two orange spheres descended and then, out of nowhere, luminous figures in the shape of stars appeared. humans. Unfortunately, a downpour did not allow to see much, but when they got closer they clearly noticed the light and those who touched the tree were cured of the ailments they suffered.

A circular figure that once appeared in the vicinity of the Peña: energy portal

There are many skeptics regarding the extraterrestrial subject who, however, consider that something strange is happening in the place. In particular, they consider that there is a strange “energy”, perhaps an unknown source that emanates there, that causes people to modify their behavior. Some, who like to meditate on the spot, say they can feel the difference.

Contrary to Cerro Uritorco or Manoa, there does not seem to be any evidence that speaks of a city hidden under the Peña, or at least of some portal that communicates with a remote place. Beyond this, however, the similarities between the Peña de Juaica and these two places are considerable: apparitions abound in all three and locals say they feel “strange forces”.

The case of the Tenjo farmer

The local inhabitants still remember the case of a Tenjo farmer who was abducted by a flying saucer and then appeared in Pitalito, Huila, more than a hundred kilometers away. This farmer even gave a press conference and set up a small consulting room… since the extraterrestrials had allegedly endowed him with healing powers.

In any case, this little anecdote serves to illustrate the scope of the alleged apparitions in the Peña de Juaica, which the ancient Muiscas rightly called the Gate of the Gods.

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