Create Android: Zelda Theme

Create Android: Zelda Theme

We return one week later with the “Create Your Own Android” and what we will do is learn to completely change our little phone to give the best look possible. Try that each delivery is quite different from the previous style, to cover as many styles.

Zelda Theme

ideal theme for gamers. We will customize our Android to add to our dear Link in it. The process is simple hyper, but the result is amazing.

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  • Battery Widget (0.76 €)
  • Icon Pack
  • This topic has no complication. Just put the wallpaper, install the battery widget and change icons. I remind you to change icons just create a folder with the applications you want. Then click a few seconds over the folder until we get the option to edit. We click on the icon and choose the icon you want. Nothing could be simpler.

    Lock Screen

    We will also customize the lock screen to make it better the whole. You have all the files needed here: . The process is not very complicated but requires a few previous actions.

    We have to be installed:


  • Ultimate Custom Clock Widget
  • Now


    We copied to any folder the wallpaper link4_pext.webp

    The file will / data / com.teslacoilsw .widgetlocker / theme

    The file link.uccw folder will / UltimateCustomClockWidget

    The file heartsoverplay_pext.webp will / UltimateCustomClockWodget / Link /

  • sources will believe a folder in the root / fonts
  • WidgetLocker You select settings Alternate Wallpaper and you choose the link4_pext.webp
  • you add a widget UCCW 4 × 1 at the top and you load the theme link.uccw. Download the issue is very simple: in the screen that appears press Open uzip and navigate to the folder where you’ve gotten the link.uccw and select it. appears on the desktop one hand, the press and a screen will appear rare. Press Menu -> Hotspots mode -> ON so that pressing the widget go to applications. Finally click on the button Back and we will have our widget on the screen. Optional: We press about the widget and will get a menu where you select Resize and adjust it to our liking.
  • You add
  • unlock bar with the subject link . and you will have to adjust to make it sure, that the release is the top option in the right place (you have to unlock up, not to the right).
  • already, you will be a lock screen nor painted for today’s topic.

    And so, as you see has been very easy. For the next week, another topic. Of course, you can propose topics or send me [email protected] or twitter your creations accompanied by a tutorial.

    I remind you that you can see all the designs we have discussed here

    The Free Android: Create Your Own Android


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