Bloxp, transforms your blog into an ebook


We have Bloxp ( as a new application that can be used to transform blogs on eBooks.

Only we have to report the URL of the feed of the blog ( / feed , for example), and select the options related to the output format (like putting the links as footnotes each page or add an index). After analyzing the content of the desired website, generate a file Bloxp ePub or Mobi ready to be stored and accessed in our usual ebook reader.

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In addition to export the text and links, Bloxp also get the original images, altering its size as necessary to obtain as balanced format.

We can also use the tool to write our new book on WordPress and get the result in ePub, thus allowing to use a of the most flexible content publishing platforms available today on the Internet.

A solution like ebook glue with an excellent outcome.

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