4 Important Factors to Know In Finding Kid-Friendly Headphones

4 Important Factors to Know In Finding Kid-Friendly Headphones

Nowadays kids like using headphones just like adults while listening to audio stories or music. Allowing your kid to use headphones that are designed for adults is a huge mistake. This is because such headphones can make your child to lose his hearing ability. If you really want to impress your kid with headphones, it’s recommended you narrow down your search to those that are kids friendly. In fact, there are some things that you should consider when shopping for such headphones. Below is a list of factors that can help you in choosing headphones that will not harm the eardrums of your child.

  1. Noise Cancellation

You can’t go wrong with headphones that come with a noise cancellation feature. This is because they enable your kid without being interrupted by the noise from the environment. Incase you didn’t know, noise from the surroundings can distort the quality of sound that is coming through the headphones. The other advantage of noise cancellation is that it conceals the sound within the confines of the ear tunnel to avoid disrupting other people. With such a feature, your child can listen to his favorite stories while the rest of the family is watching TV.

  1. Light Weight and Brightly Colored

Headphones that are meant for children should be light enough to allow the kid to walk around without being bothered by the weight. When buying headphones based on weight, it’s recommended you stick to those that are designed to be foldable because they are highly portable than those that don’t fold. Headphones that are foldable are also easy to carry when travelling due to the fact they require little space. It’s also important you select headphones that are more appealing. Kids actually prefer headphones that are brightly colored. And since kids like wearing headphones for many hours, you should opt for a pair that is padded all round to offer maximum comfort. Headphones that are not padded can cause headaches and fatigue when used for more than 3 hours.

  1. Durable Construction

It’s generally agreed that kids are not good in taking care of their belongings. They like throwing them around, stepping on them or sitting on them intentionally. If you buy headphones that are not durable, you will keep replacing them after a few weeks. Buying one item over and over is not economical. That’s why it’s advisable you invest in headphones that are designed to withstand extreme conditions. By the rule of thumb, you should avoid headphones that are not wireless. Such wires will be pulled until they break. Wireless headphones are the best because they are connected to the source of music via Bluetooth. In fact you should first search for review on the top Bluetooth headphones for kids.

  1. Volume Limiter and Battery Life

Adults are allowed to listen to music or play video games at high volume because they know what’s good for them and what’s not. Children on the other hand don’t have any idea on safe level of volume. As a parent or a guardian you have a responsibility of protecting your kid against such unsafe levels of noise. You should only buy headphones that are equipped with a volume limiter to prevent the child from increasing the volume to deafening levels. Besides that, you should buy headphones that feature a long battery life to avoid the need of having to recharge them every few hours. An ideal battery life is one that can last for up to 24 hours.

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