The model who ruined her buttocks with silicone

A renowned model, with very voluptuous sizes called Anivia Cruz, with the intention of making her body even more sensual and complying with established beauty standards, decided to perform a procedure to give greater size to her buttocks. However, the results were disastrous.

The model who ruined her buttocks with silicone

The model served an agency called Wilhelmmina Models, but in order to continue climbing in her career and employment, she opted for silicone injections. Due to not having much cash, Anivia turned to an unauthorized facility.

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Various appalling symptoms

Some time after the injection was given, he began to suffer various ailments: he had considerable weight loss and his buttocks were deforming; the silicone that had been injected started to circulate throughout the body and as a result, developed granulomas, which are small spherical masses that form when the immune system tries to eliminate foreign substances, which it has been unable to remove.

She herself recounts that there are too many scars thatnow remain in that part of her body and she has suffered a widening of her hip, from 106 cms to 119 cms. “Pain afflicts me horrifically.” I can’t sleep for an entire night. I have to wake up to take pain pills, on a five-hour frequency,” she said.

The strangest thing about the case is that in 2010, the woman had judicial inconveniences because she participated directly, to inject silicone into other women in a clandestine and illicit way. At that time, he was released from charges.

An uncontrollable addiction

As if that weren’t enough, she became addicted to that substance and continues to recount,that she finds the temptation to inject silicone uncontrollable and that she is aware that her body will never be the one of the first.

It was the low cost of these illegal treatments that triggered his addiction to cosmetic procedures. Since she started working with the prestigious modeling agency, she injected herself every time she saw a hole or a lump in her buttocks, but after some time, she lost her job because the clothes didn´t fit her eye sight, because her buttocks were very large and she each sees z, I was losing more weight.

Anivia has been invited to several television shows to encourage many women to value their bodies. Today, the former model is accepted as she is and is still in the fight to remove the silicone she has throughout her body.

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