The True Story of the Flintstones

‘The Flintstone’ is an animated series by the production company “Hanna Barbera”. It premiered on September 30, 1960 and aired on April 1, 1966, with a total of 166 episodes. It also has some specials and movies.

The True Story of the Flintstones

Alleged degrading of values

The series is a great fun for children of all ages, but it also features adult conflicts and was the first animated series, in which a couple was televised in the same bed. Some of the conflicts that stand out are motherhood, poor family relations, addiction to the game of Peter Flintstone; the consumerism of Vilma and Betty, wives of the protagonists and the infertility of the Marble, who wanted to adopt Bam-Bam, an orphaned child.

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It was the first series to feature famous guest characters: Frank Sinatra was one of them, but his name was changed by Frank Roca Sinatra. The series has repeatedly been credited with a post-apocalyptic origin, as it is believed to be set in the past but there are those who defend the idea that it develops in the future. For in the Flintstones people walked upright, developing tools and machines that remind us of today, but not only were modern humans, but were a step beyond evolution.

A post-apocalyptic rather than pre-historical landscape

Many of the characters have only 4 fingers on their hands and three on their feet, so many theories point that man will lose the smallest toe as the generations go by, as it has no greater utility in modern life. In addition, the strength of these characters is over-human and they can run their heavy stone and wood vehicles, only with the movement of their feet.

Some scholars of the subject also dare to quote Einstein, who assured: “I don’t know what the third world war will be like, I only know that the fourth will be with stones and spears”, which assumes that after the third world war, due to the level of mass destruction, humanity would enter a new stone age. The soundtrack of the series speaks very clearly on this subject.

Peter Flintstone has been credited with traits of being a dominant and sexist man, for he could never get to the house without yelling at his wife. He had an appetite that allowed him to eat unbridledly (gula). Repeatedly, he offends the best friend, Paul, because he is a denter. He is also classified as a failed, self-centered, with a high level of insecurity and violence.

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