The true story of the gray aliens

The true story of the gray aliens

In all parts of the Earth and at all times, there are people who believe that we are visited by beings from other worlds. And it is that the evidence is currently exposed, with thousands of people who have been able to record unidentified flying objects or spacecraft. A whole series of alien theories have emerged and even the interstellar human races that presumably inhabit the other planets and galaxies have been listed. The one that is most repeated within modern theorists are the greys, the same as in the movies, similar to E.T., or the aliens from “Independence Day”, among other films. Then we bring: “The true story of the gray aliens”:

Politicians and military affirm it

To date, there are already several influential politicians, officials and soldiers in the world, who have come out to affirm that there are many other humanities on other planets. One of them is retired Sergeant Bob Dean, of the Allied Forces Europe, who went out to describe four different kinds of extraterrestrials that he is supposed to know exist and that governments are silent about. Another version that has left the whole world thinking was that of Colonel Philip Corso, of the United States Army; Corso assures that in 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, he saw with his own eyes the corpse of a humanoid creature with large, rounded black eyes, very thin and with a head of great proportions, the same thing that had been recovered from a ship that had collided.

Another version that adds to the veteran military is that of Dr. Michael Wolf, who claims to have worked for a secret organization in charge of dealing with the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Wolf states that the first time the US government had access to the corpses of aliens was in 1941 in the vicinity of the Pacific. He describes them as gray beings, just like the other statements.

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But Dr. Wolf does not stop there, but also adds that the grays are a humanity from a star called Zeta Reticuli, located in the constellation Reticulum, several light years away. He says that those lifeless bodies have been studied in detail, as well as the ships found. He recounts that on that historic day at Roswell in the 1940s, there were also surviving aliens and points out that they were taken to a special place as prisoners and objects of scientific study, in secret military facilities.

The grays are one of the most famous alleged extraterrestrial races in the world of conspiracies. Almost all agree that they have a height of close to a meter and a half or less. They do not appear to have hair anywhere on their bodies and are characterized by their large head, hands, and very long, thin, and pointy legs. They do not have ears, but two strange holes.

Of all these conspiracy theories, the agreement in alleged agreements or deals that the world government would maintain with the famous grays stands out, a pact that would have been carried out in 1954 with President Eisenhower. The point was very clear: the aliens would give them world control and provide them with technology, in exchange for being allowed to carry out abductions left and right, in all nations. There are many witnesses who sign it, such as a former intelligence officer named William Cooper and many others. On the other hand, there are also numerous testimonies from people from the United States and from around the globe, who say they were abducted.

Another particular feature is that most of the descriptions of these intergalactic beings, is that they do not have very good intentions; on the contrary, they would exclusively seek to take advantage of our natural resources, as well as experiment and analyze earthlings, with terrible genetic changes and social subjugation and they would have intervened in history for millennia.

From the fictional theories of the 20th century

These gray beings have been on the rise since the fiction writers of the 20th century, who postulated the idea that a civilization called “the Selenites” resides on the moon, who are also gray in color, with large, protruding, and black eyes. Some theorists say they are not aliens, but genetically modified creatures created in secret laboratories of major powers. Others believe that they are infradimensional creatures that inhabit the bowels of the Earth. Likewise, another of the theories proposes that the grays would actually be the humans of the future, who visit us on their ships with the ability to travel in time; from that perspective, our physical bodies will evolve into those grayish organisms.

Another character heard in recent years revealing classified information that gives weight to conspiracy hypotheses, about the relationship of the US government with beings that are not from this planet, was Edward Snowden. Snowden was an active member of one of the main American security and espionage agencies, but for having released some controversial data, he became a fugitive from justice and one of the most wanted in the world.

As if that were not enough, nothing more and nothing less than a former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, dared to publicly declare that the entire government is fully aware of the existence of extraterrestrials among us and that he himself had spotted an interplanetary ship with their own eyes. He also adds that there are about 12 kinds of races that are closest to each other and that one of them is the greys.

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