The true story of LSD

Curiosities, English - November 29, 2022
Image 1. The true story of LSD

There is no doubt that since 1960, a new era is evident in the change of times. At that time the hippie wave revolutionized music, youth and other aspects of which today we notice their development. One of those details was the massive use of LSD, classified as a drug by world authorities, but for various fields it is an enigmatic, interesting and powerful substance that can even transform lives in many ways and has even created a religion. based on the mysterious acid. Introducing: “The True Story of LSD”:

Came from the pharmaceutical industry

LSD or lysergic acid, a hallucinogen capable of modifying Consciousness for a few hours and significantly changing the experience of reality. But it is not just any stimulant, but a psychoactive drug, which according to the official story was discovered by Albert Hoffman, a chemical scientist who worked for a pharmaceutical multinational called Sandoz, which was supposedly in charge of extracting medicinal components from different plants, for later produce drugs that alleviate various ailments of diseases.

Interestingly, LSD is not the only drug that ended up becoming a massive and illegal drug, but also heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, etc. Hoffman focused on the ergot alkaloids of the rye plant, since he estimated that they contributed to different hemostatic uses in childbirth, as well as to calm severe migraines. But in detail what the Jewish scientist of Swiss origin was aiming at was the fungus that infected ergot, with a technical name: Claviceps purpurea, which in misused doses can kill, just as it happened in the Middle Ages, when thousands of people died. in serious poisoning by this fungus in the spikes that they used to make bread.

In the middle of his investigations, Hoffman touched his skin directly to the lysergic acid and about half an hour later, he began to feel dizzy and a very strange state, so he decided to go to his house. The vehicle he used to go to work was a bicycle, so pedaling he experienced an impressive psychedelic trip, as he says he has seen incredible colors, strange and changing shapes and an orchestra of sounds with their corresponding light tonality and figure.

The trance increased as the hours passed and he perceived an intense dance of colors, accompanied by heightened anxiety and worry, in a concatenation of thoughts of fear of losing his career, his family, and of having gone mad. In a flash of sanity, he thought that he should drink a lot of milk to counteract the effects. At dawn he left feeling very reflective and happy; the food tasted better than usual and when he went out to the garden, he stayed there for many hours entranced by nature and its details.

These accounts by Hoffman himself also point out that as of that time, in the year 1948, a very powerful chemical had been discovered with only a minute dose. Then, experiments with animals were unleashed in various laboratories, leading to the conclusion that human beings endure large doses of LSD, unlike animals, but although they may not die, they could be very psychologically affected and even commit suicide.. Immediately, the experiments in psychiatry did not take long and it was fully exploited in various fields, such as the US military. Psychoanalysts used it to resolve traumas in their patients and to deepen the state of hypnosis under the effect.

Testimonials speaking wonders of LSD were increasing everywhere. Some said that they had cured serious personality problems, family problems, frigidity, grudges and other psychological ills, but at the same time horrible crimes were committed under the influence of the chemical. The artists were among the most delighted and at that time hippie was the sensation. It became the most consumed narcotic in America.

The bad trip

This is how the negative effects of LSD are known, since these vary according to the dose and the state prior to ingestion. It is such a powerful substance that just by touching it, it alters the organism and consciousness. They generally sell it in drops, impregnated candies, small cartons, gels, drinks, among others. Generally, in small quantities it produces euphoria, joy, concentration, lucidity and even genius, according to some psychoanalysts. But in large quantities it causes a state of terror and a feeling of invulnerability. There have been no cases of death from lysergic acid overdose, but there have been cases of individuals who have developed psychosis, schizophrenia and behavioral problems.

The dark side of LSD

Various conspiracy theories agree that this hallucinogenic substance was first used by US military entities, who allegedly intended to create super soldiers with high intelligence, resistance, reflexes, and other extranormal gifts. But when the military ingested it, they lost all desire to kill, harm, or even carry a weapon. They were filled with kind emotions and a strange mystical state. Therefore, that would be the main reason why government defense agencies decided to discontinue its use and even make it illegal.

A long prison sentence is obtained by those found guilty of the production and trafficking of LSD. On the other hand, some have come to accuse Hollywood and secret government agencies of carrying out a macabre procedure called “MK Ultra”, which consists of violently reprogramming the subconscious of world artists and politicians, as well as alleged terrorists., manipulating them at will with mind control, using large doses of LSD.

True or not, this substance is illegal in all countries of the world, although medicine has discovered that lysergic acid is a cure and definitive relief in many diseases, especially terminal ones, and thousands of scientists have confessed to using it, because they affirm that in controlled and specific doses, the intelligence quotient rises during the trip. However, it must be taken into account that another of the great risks is that on the black market, pure LSD is often not sold, but other substances with similar effects and very harmful to health.