The truth about animals that walk in circles

The truth about animals that walk in circles

In recent days, several videos of animals and even insects that suddenly start walking in circles have been going viral. Some can last several days with this strange behavior, as was the case of a flock of sheep in China. Science has not been able to explain all the cases and this has been the trigger for speculative theories of an imminent end for humanity.

In this installment we will explain in detail everything concerning this strange phenomenon of nature. Next we present: animals walk in circles announcing the end of the world. Let’s see:

Mongolian sheep

One of the first videos to be massively shared was the case of sheep in Mongolia, which began to walk in circles in a clockwise direction for more than three weeks without stopping.

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Reindeer going around in circles

In Russia, a group of reindeer was also captured with a similar behavior: they walked in circles without stopping, neither to eat nor to sleep. Other animals, such as horses, were also affected by the same phenomenon.

Orcas swimming in circles

Chilean fishermen also shared a group of orcas swimming in circles. These and other animals became protagonists in several videos, causing great furor among Internet users.

But let’s see what scientists have to say about it: according to studies, it has been concluded that it is a bacterial disease known as listeriosis, which takes over the brain of animals and causes it to become inflamed, causing disorientation and strange behaviors. Living beings that are contaminated with this bacterium lose their lives quickly, something that did not happen to the sheep that walked in circles for more than three weeks without stopping; none of the sheep died unexpectedly.

Another explanation by the experts is based on the fact that herds make this type of circular movements when they feel threatened, in order to protect the youngest or weakest members of the herd, which are located at the center of the whole movement and thus, are protected from any attack by predators. Experts also affirmed that some animals perform these strange movements when they are in captivity and are under high levels of stress, but this theory would not apply to animals in their natural habitat in the open field.

In the case of fish, many of these species make circular movements when they are about to mate or hunt. As has been explained, this type of anomalous behavior not only serves to protect the weakest, but can have various causes; some remain unexplained, such as the case of the ants’ circle of death: it is one of the most surprising mysteries of nature. Ants follow each other, forming an immense circle. They walk in a massive spiral, until they die of exhaustion and others are crushed to death. It is not known why they perform this death ritual. If one person breaks the circle, all the ants are saved.

But recently, it was also discovered that ants perform this curious movement when they are subjected to radiation from electromagnetic elements such as cell phones. This experiment is one of the facts that has worried people the most, because in recent years these radioactive waves have expanded worldwide, with the 5G technology or better known as the internet of things. Although a person may not notice it, the constant exposure to these waves can be very harmful and cause various diseases. Obviously, all this information has been silenced.

Although many of these animals and insects perform this movement naturally, or by some disease as detailed by scientists, it is also true that in recent years this phenomenon has increased exorbitantly and it is impossible to give a logical explanation to all cases.

It should be taken into account that many natural phenomena have not been understood by science or by people. It is estimated that we only know a millionth part of them.

However, there is something that is also important to highlight: animals have a greater connection with nature. Compared to humans, animals have a more developed survival instinct and the ability to sense when imminent danger is approaching. That is why when an earthquake, tsunami or any other type of natural catastrophe is about to occur, animals are the first to flee from those places.

It is for that reason that there is a feeling of alertness in the wake of this strange behavior in many animals and insects around the world. People are sure that the animals are trying to tell us something is about to happen to our planet. By all accounts, we can see that for some years now, natural catastrophes have been increasing, with the activation of the fire belt, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, floods, droughts, extreme cooling in some countries, extreme heat in others, tsunamis, etc. Are these animals warning us that the end of the world is near? Only time will tell.

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