Is It Possible to Get Access to Someone’s Phone by Their Number

Looking for a way to get access into someone’s phone by their number? At the offset itself, you must know that there are many spy applications claiming this and that, but they will rip you off your peace of mind through surveys, feedback and well, verifications. 

If you have been wondering what to do in such a scenario where spy applications can be bewildering, you are at the right place. Spy applications succeed now more than any other time. It is because they allow access to someone’s smartphone.

Smartphones are like that personal agent no one can live without. We can’t imagine our life without a phone because it acts as our window to our social life. From calling, texting to social media, we are dependent upon our phone more than anything else. 

Minspy- The perfect spy app

Minspy is a perfect web-based application that allows one to garner access into a phone number remotely and secretly. Minspy service doesn’t end there; it is laden with other amazing features of absolute remote monitoring of a mobile number.

Is It Possible to Get Access to Someone’s Phone by Their Number

The best part is Minspy functions without hassles.  It doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the mobile number you need to hack. It works on stock Android and iOS mobile phones. Below are some important facts about Minspy that you definitely need to know:

Friendly User-Interface

Not all of us have spy apps using expertise or experience for that matter. Minspy provides the perfectly friendly user interface that even someone with basic tech knowledge can operate. You don’t need to worry about doing something wrong on the app as it is very self sufficient and needs no special effort

Stealth App

Minspy is laden with stealth features incorporated into its very being. The anonymity of the tracker is protected. The person wouldn’t know that he is being tracked. The target mobile number wouldn’t even receive any email or ping about their tracking. So, there is literally no fret!

Protection of Privacy

Privacy becomes a prime concern when spying is involved. Minspy doesn’t store or seek personal data and this anonymity makes this web-based app more sought after. Therefore, the user privacy is protected and retained.

No Jailbreaking

You wouldn’t need the target mobile device to spy into it. As stated earlier, the process is utterly remote. There is no unnecessary rooting or jailbreaking into the target mobile number. This ensures that the one you are tracking wouldn’t know about it. The process is utterly discrete. 

Accessing Someone’s phone through Minspy

Tracking an iOS or an Android mobile phone is immensely easy through Minspy. You wouldn’t need the target mobile device at all, especially in the case of an iPhone. The phone less tracking makes Minspy a very popular alternative. 

With zero software installation, zero authorization requirements, just the iCloud credentials are needed to gain access into someone’s phone.  As there are no installation trails that could raise suspicion, tracking a phone number from Minspy is extremely easy. 

It is a completely risk free method to get access into someone’s phone. All you need to do is follow the below procedure:

You need to register on the official site of Minspy through your email ID. You then are required to choose the plan of your choice from Minspy. There are multiple plans that Minspy has to offer. You can select the one that suits you best. 

The procedure of set up will be received on email. Follow the set procedure and at the end, the app would seek the target platform, choose iOS.

Now you need to enter the iCloud credentials of the phone you intend to spy on. When you enter the same, you will be able to track the mobile number without them knowing.

Is It Possible to Get Access to Someone’s Phone by Their Number

Installation of Minspy application software is required when the target mobile number is an Android phone. In fact, this is a requirement with any Android device that you can’t negotiate with. If there’s an app promising remote monitoring directly to Android, it’s lying.

Minspy is no exception to the rule but it renders a solution even here. However, anonymity is still guaranteed and not compromised. The Minspy software weighs less than 3 MB and once installed, the app itself suggests if you wish to ‘hide the app’. You will hide the app.

As and when the app is hidden, it leaves absolutely no trail of installation. The app is conveniently hidden from the app library and as it weighs so little, it doesn’t attract the slightest of attention. 

Is It Possible to Get Access to Someone’s Phone by Their Number

Minspy takes care of the user’s needs and requirements despite the phone type. The security and identity of the user is never compromised and that is usually the prime concern of every spy app user. 

As your interests are secured with Minspy, you feel confident about the spying. Minspy ensures that it is software that could get you what you seek while retaining your privacy or leaking your secret. 


Modern day relationships have to go through a lot of tests, and not all sail through it. It is important to know that your loved ones are protected in the big bad world and there is no doubt about it. Spy applications like Minspy service their way to ensuring that your loved ones are safe.

In times when you see suspicious behaviour of your loved ones and do not quite know what to do, applications like Minspy offer great support. You can see what all your loved ones are doing and if they are keeping safe.

We are aware of the vulnerabilities of our loved ones and there’s nothing more hurtful than seeing them get exploited. Therefore, protecting the interests of the ones we care about becomes our duty, and our right.

Spy software is seeing a great demand because of the increase in misleading opportunities and gullibility of people. It is imperative for your own peace to ensure that people you care about are fine.

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