Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

Business, English - September 8, 2020

CocoFax has maintained the top position in the listing of Google Fax Free for the best fax services provider. Undoubtedly, there is not any other app to date that could beat the reliability, efficiency, usability, and security features brought up by CocoFax for its esteemed users.

The rise of modern technology has relieved people from the hassles of managing complicated devices. The conventional ways of fax transfer required to heavy fax machines connected to phone lines to send and receive faxes. However, these troubles are not there anymore.

CocoFax is one of the top-notch online fax service providers. The fully-functional services of CocoFax are recognized by international media forums including TechRadar, iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, Digital Trends, Forbes, New York Times just to name a few.

Image 1. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

Is Fax Transfer Possible with an iPhone?

Google Fax Free provides information about online fax services providers to fax from my iPhone or Android smartphones. Give are the days when fax transfer involved the use of fax machines, telephone lines, papers, and ink toners otherwise people were unable to transfer faxes.

CocoFax has made sending and receiving fax possible with the press of a button rather than dealing with big clunky machines. Now you can transfer any important document just like a fax file on the go by using your laptop, android smartphone, or any iOS device.

Image 2. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

The geographical boundaries do not halt the processing of CocoFax or fax transfer procedures. CocoFax is being used in more than 190 countries which proves that it can be used anywhere, anytime. It has won the hearts of 1 million users around the globe by providing reliable services.

Ways of Using CocoFax from Mobile Phone

CocoFax has an intuitive graphical user interface to assist users in understanding its mechanism. It does not incorporate lengthy user manuals or any video tutorial links. CocoFax is designed to help tech geeks and non-technical people get their hands on online fax transfer without anyone’s help.

The ease of online fax transfer brought up by CocoFax comes up in multiple ways for users’ ease. Two of them are discussed here along with the stepwise procedures for sending and receiving fax using an iPhone with CocoFax:

  • Send Faxes from CocoFax Web-based Dashboard

CocoFax is a web app that could be accessed from Safari or any other kind of web browser. You can open the official website of CocoFax from any iOS devices as it does not generate any compatibility bugs. Follow the below-mentioned steps to send faxes with CocoFax

1.      Hit the Signup button, enter valid email id and a password for registration

2.      CocoFax provide a dedicated fax number free of cost and a 30-days trial to new users

3.      You can select a toll-free or vanity numbers from the list of available fax numbers

4.      Open the CocoFax dashboard and click on the New Fax button to compose a fax

5.      Upload the files with extension .webp, _pext.webp, .pdf, .xls, .doc as an attachment

6.      These files will be automatically converted into a fax file by CocoFax

7.      Enter the recipient’s fax number in the ‘To’ field and fax title in the subject field

8.      You can also add a cover page for the fax documents by entering details in the body area

9.      Enter multiple fax numbers by separating them with a comma and upload multiple files to send them at once to more than one receiver’s

10.  Click the send button; CocoFax will find the receiver fax machine to transfer the files

Image 3. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

CocoFax sends automated messages to users for updating them about the status of sent faxes. In case your file sending was failed, you can check the issues in the error log. Correct the mistakes to resend the faxes or secured transmission medium using CocoFax.

Image 4. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner
  • Send Faxes using an email client with CocoFax

Now you can also use your email account to send faxes with CocoFax. As you already registered your email address, the next procedures are a left-hand job for you. Go to your email account, click on the ‘Compose New Email’ button and start entering the details in the required fields.

You can attach digital documents for sending them as a fax file the way you used to send them as an email. Add ‘’ at the end of the receiver’s fax number to convert it into a valid mailing address. CocoFax will send the documents by converting them into a Tiff file.

Image 5. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

Subject and email body area can be used to give your faxes a title and a cover page respectively. CocoFax adds extra details to the fax file so that the recipient fax machine can print them in a readable format. This process is done automatically so there is no need for manual effort.

Receive Fax to iPhone with CocoFax

There is no need to keep your fax machine turned on round the clock to avoid missing any fax files. With the help of CocoFax, you can get rid of these issues as it enables you to receive and read faxes on the go. Now you can use your iPhone as a portable fax machine to receive faxes.

You can receive faxes to your email account. The inbox folder of your registered email address will give you access to the received faxes. You can download the fax file as they are forwarded as a PDF attachment and use them later when you get back to the office.

Image 6. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

Go to the CocoFax dashboard and click on the Inbox tab in the left pane. This is the place where all the received faxes to your fax number will be listed. You can also check the transmission log of the fax file and sender details as they appear in the dedicated fields.

Image 7. Try the Mobile Way to Send A Fax for Beginner

Wrapping up the Context

Transferring faxes from iPhone is a reliable and easy process when you are using CocoFax. Connect your phone to an active internet connection and start sending and receiving faxes online. Irrespective of the mobile phone or operating system you are using, CocoFax is compatible with all kinds of devices.