How to dominate in League of Legends

How to dominate in League of Legends
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League of Legends (LoL) was launched in 2009 and has gone on to become one of the most popular MOBA titles. With that said, becoming a League of Legends digital athlete requires perseverance, excellent communication, and high skill levels. Without these qualities, success would almost be futile. After all, the competition is quite stiff, with close to eight million players constantly trying to improve their skills and go up the rank ladder. 

Knowing how competitive it gets, it certainly would help to have useful tips to guide you on dominating in League of Legends. If you’re searching for such information, here are some much-needed tips to help you out. 

  1. Know The LoL Champions And Pick A Favorite

It’s easy to overlook the importance of knowing the different LoL champions. However, doing this is a huge mistake and one that’ll come to haunt you later on when playing. Now that you know this, it’s best to recognize all the 150 LoL champions as of August 2020 and their respective abilities. Having this in mind will help you know how best to counter such champions by thinking of different synergies with your preferred champion. And because new champions are constantly being unveiled, you should set aside time to learn about each of them. 

After you’ve familiarized yourself with all the LoL champions and their skills, the next thing is to choose your preferred champion. It’s best to stick with one champion because it allows you to understand best their abilities, speed, cooldowns, style of play, statistics, and damage. Understanding this will help you perfect the technique of being at the right place at the most appropriate time. Sticking to a favorite champion also helps you identify other champions with whom you create the worst and best collaborations. 

  1. Learn The Different Positions 

Another thing you need to learn to help you dominate in LoL are the various positions: Red or Blue for jungle buffs and Top, Mid, or Bot for lanes. Luckily, mastering these positions isn’t that hard because they remain constant across different seasons, matches, and game updates. Therefore, you won’t need to learn them afresh once you’ve become certain of them. 

Understanding the different positions will help you learn how your player and the entire team are affected. This happens because some champions, even though unorthodox, are still excellent picks for some players. In contrast, others operate best in the lanes. You also need to understand that Junglers typically ask their partners to request the Blue or Red buffs for assistance or come and help out when engaging with the enemies or in their lanes. Therefore, you need to go over the buffs before requesting one to see whether it’ll help your character. 

  1. Practice Last Hitting 

Last hitting entails striking a minion until it dies, and you consequently earn gold, which your champion will use to construct the items required for snowballing. While last hitting is an essential skill that you need to perfect as it helps you have the edge over your rivals in the lane, it’s not easy to execute. This is especially the case when you’re fighting a poke-heavy champion or a lane bully and is something that many LoL find irritating. 

Fortunately, you need not have difficulty mastering the last hitting technique. All you need to do is enter the practice mode, pick your preferred champion, and see the number of spells, normal attacks, or other attacks required to kill a minion. It also helps you identify what can kill a minion of a certain health percentage. Your goal should be to achieve 90 CS in 10 minutes as the pro players do. 

  1. Remain Calm 

It’s easy to be frustrated after constantly losing in LoL. When this happens, the last thing you want to do is lash out at your teammates because this brings discord within the team. And because success in LoL relies on team effort, you mustn’t overly criticize someone when they make a mistake. Otherwise, this creates a toxic environment that can’t work in harmony and distorts other teammates’ attention. After all, it’s from mistakes that you and everyone else get to become better LoL players. 

Therefore, you need to maintain a cool head the whole time you’re playing LoL. And because this can get somewhat complex, you mustn’t pressurize yourself as this only has a counterproductive outcome. You can also try and resolve any tension within the team before it goes out of hand, even when it’s the player at fault trying to shift blame for his failures. After all, the primary reason for playing LoL is to entertain yourself and not to become annoyed.

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