Fortnite a hidden easter egg The Simpsons nuclear power plant

Fortnite has tons of secrets and easter eggs. One of them is completely unique, and makes reference to one of the most beloved characters of The Simpsons.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a success in almost all aspects, is no novelty. However, still hides a few secrets, such as that which now occupies us. No, don’t talk about what happened during the event to the black hole, but of a curious easter egg on The Simpsons.

The Chapter 2 has brought a good amount of what’s new, and one of them, obviously, are some new areas to visit. One of them is Kevolution Energy, a kind of nuclear power plant. Although perhaps, in this case, the word is nu-ce-lar. You can see the easter egg in the short video below this lines, if you prefer.

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no, it is Not for us to say that the nuclear power plant is the easter egg in itself. If we enter within, will see that there are all the rooms needed to generate energy using the power of the Cube, and, of course, there are also a series of control rooms. Well, if we entered the small, which would be the room supervisor, we will find a detail of the most interesting. It is not a sign of “Do it for her”, but since then, it smacks Homer.

On the console we can see various donuts, or bagels (hi, systems to avoid possible complaints by using a brand) that is eaten by Homer Simpson in the job. In the rest of the central will not find these snacks half eaten, and left carelessly on the console, so that it is difficult not to think that it’s a clear reference to one of the protagonists of the Fox series. This is no more than one of the many references the game makes to popular culture, a thing that does this daily, for example, with the dances, which almost always arise from memes popular on the internet.

Fortnite a hidden easter egg The Simpsons nuclear power plant

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Fortnite a hidden easter egg The Simpsons nuclear power plant

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