How can I monitor my child’s text messages on my iPhone?

In this modern technological age, the possibility of your child’s exposure to the dangers of the internet is quite high. It is either your child gets hooked up with indecent websites, or sexting and even fraud. More so, your child could be involved in cyberbullying right under your nose, and you would not have a flickering idea.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your child gets access to the right apps, websites, and social media pages. Staying clear of indecent sites and inappropriate conversation is likely to save your child or teenager from internet bullies and fraudsters. In other words, setting clear rules on the usage of mobile phones and technological gadgets is worth doing.

However, there are other ways to ensure you keep your child out of internet danger and that is by monitoring their text messages. If you have been wondering, how can I monitor my child’s text messages on my iPhone, this article is for you.

Here, we provide 3 sure ways to monitor your child’s iPhone. Let’s get started!

1. KidsGuard Pro for IOS

KidsGuard Pro for IOS is the best phone monitoring software if you intend to monitor your child’s text messages with ease. It has over 20 unique monitoring features that cover all your monitoring needs.

KidsGuard Pro for IOS also offers employers the opportunity of monitoring their staff and employees.

With KidsGuard Pro for IOS, you can remotely monitor your child’s text messages on your iPhone, checks their chats, and even deleted messages. In other words, you can seamlessly track every activity going on in your child’s iPhone without them knowing.

Most monitoring software requires users to jailbreak target iPhone devices, but this is unlike the KidsGuard Pro for IOS. It does not require jailbreaking your target iPhone before or while monitoring.

What can KidsGuard Pro do for IOS monitor on iPhone?

KidsGuard Pro for IOS has numerous unique in-built features that allow users to track and monitor their kids and teenagers.

With KidsGourd, you would not need to check out other monitoring devices, as it comes with every feature you will require to not just monitor your child’s text messages on your iPhone, but also track calls.

Below is the list of features found on KidsGuard Pro for IOS.

1. Track real-time location and sync automatically

With KidsGuard Pro for IOS, it’s easier to track your child’s current location in real-time and even sync automatically all from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

2. Get call history, incoming and outgoing, cancelled and missed

Apart from tracking real-time location with KidsGuard Pro for IOS, there are other features available for you to explore.

It allows you to get the call history of incoming and even outgoing calls on your child’s iPhone device. That’s not all.

Once you have installed KidsGuard Pro for IOS on your device, you could also get a list of cancelled and missed calls.

This way, it’s easier to know the type of people that calls them, and whom they interact daily with.

3. Monitor messages on Whatsapp, LINE, Viber, Kik, etc.

You can remotely monitor your child’s message on either WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, or Kik. The advantage of this is that it allows you to gain an in-depth knowledge of who they chat with, the type of conversation they have, and even when they get into trouble.

4.  Check Safari history and bookmarks

To track the mobile activities on your child’s iPhone, you have to check Safari history and bookmarks. There, you can view the sort of things and websites your child pays attention to.

How do I see my Child’s text messages on my iPhone?

It is easier to view your child’s text messages on your iPhone if you know the right steps. KidsGuard Pro for IOS provides the best features which make the process more seamless than other monitoring apps.

Here are the steps to take to see your child’s text messages on your iPhone.

Step 1

Have your own KidsGuard Pro Account

To get started, you are to register for an account on KidsGuard Pro. After registering for an account, you proceed to purchase a KidsGuard Pro subscription plan.

Step 2

Download the app on the target device

Go ahead to download KidsGuard Pro app on your child’s iPhone device or iPad. Next, scab the iPhone device either with WiFi or without WiFi.

Step 3

Start monitoring

After scanning, a dashboard with up to 20 file types comes into view. You can now start monitoring.

2. Forward your child’s text messages to yourself

Apart from using the KidsGuard Pro for IOS which is undeniably the best Monitoring software, there are other ways to monitor your child’s iPhone.

One of them is by forwarding your child’s text messages to yourself. This way, your child’s entire sent, and received text messages will become easily accessed just by forwarding them to your phone.

However, this method could take a little while as you have to manually forward the messages to your mobile device.

Below are instructions to follow.

1. Go to your child’s iPhone’s settings, and select messages.

2. Under the message option, click on Receive and Send.

3. You will be required to sign in with an Apple ID.

4. Click ok settings again and choose the message option.

5. To enable the text message forwarding feature, tap on it.

6. Choose the target device the messages will be forwarded to.

7. Enter the verification code that appears on the screen.

3. Use the iCloud sync messages feature

If you do not intend to download a monitoring software, or even manually select and forward your child’s text messages to your mobile device, there is another option available for you.

You can achieve this by using the iCloud sync feature found in IOS devices.

If your child owns IOS 12 or any of the higher versions of IOS, it’s easier to do. You just have to allow the iCloud syncing which gets information from another mobile phone.

Once you have successfully enabled the syncing feature on your child’s iPhone, you can start reading their messages.

However, this feature does not exist without upsides. You would have to input your child’s password and Apple ID.

This could be a bit difficult especially if your child or adult teenager is secretive. Also, your child could raise an eyebrow if you ask him/her for their Apple ID or password.

Most importantly, you can’t enter your own Apple ID or password as this could mean syncing your text messages to your child’s iPhone.

You wouldn’t want it, would you?

Here are steps to use the iCloud sync feature

1. Go to your child’s iPhone settings.

2. Click on the name of the device to view the Apple and iCloud ID

3. Below the iCloud, shift the order in your child’s message option.

4. After this, wait for a few minutes to complete the syncing.


Amongst other options, KidsGuard Pro for IOS is the best method to monitor your child’s text messages on your iPhone.

Not only does it monitor remotely, but it is also 100% hidden and undetected. This way, you would not have to worry about your child finding out his/her iPhone is being monitored.

In addition, KidsGuard Pro for IOS helps you track your child’s current location in real-time, and even get access to both ongoing and missed calls on their iPhone devices.

How can I monitor my child’s text messages on my iPhone?
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