5 Factors To Consider When Getting Your iPad Screen Replaced

5 Factors To Consider When Getting Your iPad Screen Replaced

Handheld devices are commonplace with children in the U.S. using them for about 3.2 hours every day. At least 85% of children have their tablets, with iPads leading the race. With so many kids handling these electronic devices, there are bound to be accidental drops, spills, and falls. The screen bears the brunt of these accidents as it is the most delicate part of the device, and it is also the interface that allows users to interact with the device. Screen damage may require replacing iPad screen or you may continue  to use it as it is, depending on the damage. If the damage is extensive and you need to replace the screen, these are the factors you need to consider when doing it.


If your iPad is new, it is probably under warranty, as Apple offers a one-year warranty on its devices. That, however, does not cover the screen damage. The company offers an AppleCare+ costing $99 that extends the warranty for two years and covers screen damage for only $49. The benefit of having this extended warranty is that you save during screen replacement which usually costs as much as $149 or more. Therefore, investing in this warranty makes sense as it saves you the cost of screen replacement for two years.

Older Vs. Newer iPad Models

It is important  to know the screen type of your iPad. Older models came with a glass screen and digitizer with a separate LCD panel under it. The result was that damage to the screen only caused the glass to crack, but you could still view the display clearly as the LCD panel was safe. Therefore, only replacing the glass and digitizer was enough to restore its functioning. The newer iPad models have a merged screen, namely OLED, which means that the entire panel needs to be replaced, increasing the cost of replacement significantly.

Ship-It and Request A Replacement

Apple offers two service options for replacing an iPad screen. You can order a box to ship your device to an Apple repair center. This option is ideal if you live in a remote location and do not have access to an authorized service center. For this service, you will be required to pay a $65 shipping fee. You can also request a replacement tablet until your device is repaired.

Service Options

In the event of a screen breakage, you can visit an Apple store or an authorized Apple service provider to get the screen replaced. The benefit of this option is that you will get to save on shipping costs and the time taken to repair.


iPad screen replacements can cost anywhere between $199 to $649. The cost depends on the model, size and, whether or not the warranty applies. These are the prices of an authorized Apple service center. If you know a trusted third-party repair shop that knows how to replace an iPad’s screen, you may be required to pay even less. Regardless of how much you try to keep your iPad safe, accidents are prone to happen. Knowing these five considerations before replacing an iPad screen can make it effortless and straightforward. While it is recommended that you get protective gear for your iPad, incase of breakage, it is wise to consider the above factors before going for the replacement of the screen.

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