“Priyanka” WhatsApp uses a bug to change the names of your groups and contacts

A virus that uses a bug to make an exploit world famous messaging application called WhatsApp. I help you avoid to appear in your terminal.

virus called “Priyanka” has appeared in through the file WhatsApp contact if you add to your list, change the behalf of all groups you have to “Priyanka”, and in the worst case scenario, this would also replace the name of all your contacts by said.

It started several days spread and if you see any message to añadáis it, do not even think it, since your terminal modified so that I just said.

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As Priyanka warn you

Priyanka not installed by itself, but we have to open the access door so you can enter our smartphone. So in the event that we receive a file named “Priyanka” from someone on Whatsapp or otherwise, not añadáis or may keep in your contacts.

It can not do any damage without being added to your contact list, so do not you may keep.

As Priyanka WhatsApp remove

The first thing that should do is disconnect any connectivity in your terminal such as the WiFi or mobile data.

To remove it from your smartphone you will have to remove it from your list cleaning data contacts and WhatsApp.

Clearing application data WhatsApp will return to an initial state. It will ask you to start all the steps as the first time the application iniciasteis. And because WhatsApp makes automatic backups of all your conversations, may be restored once you have finished the configuration.

However, recent talks will miss between the last 24-36 hours, here you can not do anything to prevent that loss. The steps to remove the virus are:

Go to your contacts, search for “Priyanka” and delete

  • Go to settings in your terminal
  • Select applications or WhatsApp manage applications and select from the list
  • Click “Force stop” and then “Clear Data “

misnamed Maybe a virus that does not spread by itself, but you have to keep in your contacts to change the name of all your groups and contacts. Tell your contacts in WhatsApp not added to this virus, “Priyanka”, which uses the door open for a bug in WhatsApp to be known worldwide.

Source – The Android Soul


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