7 Tools for Video Editing on a Budget

Business, English, Film - November 30, 2021

The trend for video content on social media is going viral, and so does video making as a hobby. Many people today spend their free time creating various clips for their friends and subscribers. However, not everyone can afford professional video editing software.

In this article, we have collected seven tools for video editing on a budget that can help you make stunning videos even if you are low on funds.

Why Do You Need to Edit Your Videos?

You may ask – why do you need to edit your videos at all? Of course, it is possible just to shoot a video on the phone and post it, and viewers will like it. However, the significance of post-production cannot be underestimated today. As we have already mentioned, more and more people have started producing video content; thus, the competition is increasing. To gain more attention from your audience, you need to do your best to make exciting videos. That is why it is essential to make good use of video editing software.

Image 1. 7 Tools for Video Editing on a Budget

Video Editing Tools

When it comes to choosing a software solution, many people get confused as the market offers dozens of various programs. So how do you choose the most suitable one for video editing for beginners? Programs in this top are user-friendly and affordable so that you can find a video editor that works for you best.

Adobe Premiere Elements

This video editor is similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, but it is a lighter version that is easier to master for beginners. Both novice users and amateurs can benefit from the Adobe AI technology named Sensei that can create collages and slideshows from videos and photos. Some more helpful features are Smart Trim, Face Detection, and Shake reduction. All of these can significantly simplify the video editing process, and the price of $99.99 for a lifetime license makes the program a perfect variant for beginners.


As Filmora provides most of the basic tools you may need, it also offers you a built-in library of visual and audio effects. You can benefit from transitions, stickers, titles, and royalty-free music to make your videos stand out. Moreover, this video editor allows you to process 4K videos and videos filmed with GoPro and DSLR cameras. Also, the program supports most of the common video formats and allows you to upload your clips to YouTube or Vimeo. The price of the program is $39.99 for an annual subscription and $69.99 for a lifetime license.

Magix Movie Edit Pro

The main advantage of this program is the number of wizards that allow you to create videos automatically. You just need to choose one of these programs, import the footage, and the video editor will create a project. However, the program also allows you to process videos manually so that you can let your creativity flow. Moreover, the built-in library contains more than 1500 effects for you can make your video unique. And the price of $69.99 makes Magix Movie Edit Pro even more attractive.


VSDC provides video editors with multiple advanced functions such as chroma key (the opportunity to change the background using a green screen) and masking. There are also basic features like changing a video’s speed and adding visual effects – transitions, color filters, etc. And one more significant advantage of VSDC is that this video editor is completely free. Thus, if you just want to try video editing to understand whether you are going to like this, choosing a free program can be a good idea.

Image 2. 7 Tools for Video Editing on a Budget


This video editor can work well if you are aiming to post to social media as there is a wide choice of quality color filters and tools for enhancing audio. However, the program lacks export presets that makes it challenging for novices to decide on export settings. Thus, it is better not to use this video editor for commercial or marketing purposes. Nevertheless, Shortcut is worth trying as it is also free, and you can use it to get some video editing experience.


We can call Blender an advanced program as it is intended for 3D editing and creating 3D animations. With this program, you can add variety to your videos and make them more helpful for your audience. For example, if you create explainer videos, it can be an excellent idea to complement them with 3D models or characters if your audience is young so that you can make the information easier to understand. Moreover, Blender is free, so you can try it to decide if you are interested in 3D editing.

DaVinci Resolve

This program can be considered a professional video editor as it is powerful and lets you do any edits you need, from cutting clips to motion tracking and noise reduction. Also, DaVinci Resolve offers advanced tools for color correction so that you can make your clips professional-looking. In general, this is the editor that allows full editing, and its great advantage is that you can use it absolutely for free.

Top Tips on Video Editing for Beginners

Choosing a great video editing program is only half the battle. When it comes to the montage, both beginners and amateurs might feel confused, especially if they don’t know what to start with. However, you can use these video editing tips for beginners to do the first steps in the post-production field.

Image 3. 7 Tools for Video Editing on a Budget

Arrange Your Files

The first thing you need to do is to sort all the files you are planning to use in your project. For example, there might be videos, images, and music; ensure you have collected all of them and placed them in one folder. Also, you can name the files as “Intro, try1.mp4,” which can be much more convenient than “1895_4389.mp4”; thus, you will be able to navigate your files quickly, and the editing process would become more manageable.

Cut the Unnecessary

Though you might have tons of exciting footage, it is not a good idea to use all of it. Remember that “less is more”; use only those takes that are necessary for the story you are telling. It can be challenging to pick the best parts of the footage, but when you remove all the extra fragments, you will see how it changes the perception of the video.

Apply Basic Tools

Each creator has their own “musts,” but there are some tools that are necessary almost for every clip. These are such tools as stabilization and color filters. If you film on your phone without a tripod, stabilization can help you avoid getting a shaky video as a result, and filters can perfectly work if you have several scenes with different lighting. Applying these instruments can make your video look more professional.

Work with Sound

Another essential point if you want to make a high-quality video is sound. You need to ensure that there are no noises that can interfere with the main sound of the video. In case if there are some, you should use audio enhancing tools, which are provided in most video editors. Also, you can add music to your project if you want the video to evoke certain emotions in viewers.

Add Effects

Last but not least, consider adding visual effects, such as transitions, titles, and stickers. They can make a clip more colorful and hold the viewers’ attention. Moreover, titles can significantly increase the number of views as many people prefer watching videos with the sound off. Thus, if they see a video without captions, they can just skip it. And if your video has captions, it has many more chances to be watched to the end.


Video editing is not always expensive and not that complicated as it may seem. Remember that the main point is to tell the story you have in your mind, and all the software and montage tricks are only tools for you to let your creativity flow.

Still, it is necessary to choose these tools carefully. Note that the programs mentioned in this article are all suitable for the latest Windows versions. In case if you prefer the elder ones, you might probably need a video editor for Windows 7 that would be compatible with your OS.

One more point that is also worth attention is – to make your videos popular, it is vital to keep your finger on the pulse and monitor the latest trends in video editing. Tendencies are changing very quickly today, so the ability to learn new is as crucial as creativeness.