Call of Duty Vanguard review: What you need to know

Call of Duty Vanguard review: What you need to know

Call of Duty Games is a series of first-person shooter games that are full of action and adventure. Throughout the years, the studio has introduced a variety of shooting methods that have been well received by gamers.

The Call of Duty franchise has a new game called CoD: Vanguard. The renowned game series returns to Europe’s Eastern and Western Fronts, the Pacific, and North Africa, where you’ll battle for victory throughout Europe’s Eastern and Western Fronts, the Pacific, and North Africa.

Along with the single player campaign, the Call of Duty’s unique Multiplayer experience starts an attack on all fronts, creating and cementing your legacy. When the players parachute into new locations with authentic World War II loadouts, witness the rise of the Special Forces in this game.

Let us review the Call of Duty: Modern warfare game in detail.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Vanguard is the most recent Call of Duty game to hit the market, and it has quickly become one of the year’s best-selling games.

With millions of gamers flocking to their nearest retailer or favorite online store to join the military action. Vanguard may be the most recent installment in the series, but it sticks to its guns and plays it safe.

Despite the fact that Call of Duty is primarily a multiplayer game, it would be wrong to just overlook the narrative. Vanguard is a grand adventure that borrows from film conventions to promote itself as an action-packed World War II epic. Hollywood’s super troops would want to take on the familiar opponent of Nazi Germany. This time, the Nazis are nearing the conclusion of their campaign and are trying once more to resurrect their aspirations of world dominance. This effort is known as Project Phoenix, and it will be up to the Vanguard unit’s joint efforts to ensure that history is preserved as we remember it. There are four people in particular with whom you will be entrusted, each with their own peculiarities. These oddities include the ability to command NPC people you meet, giving you a major tactical edge. Taking the high road, literally, by leaping between buildings and rooftops to gain the upper hand. Having a weapon to guarantee you have enough ammo to annihilate hundreds of foes. However, pointing out enemy locations ensures that ammo is not wasted.

Characters and Vehicles

The characters are incredibly well-developed, and you learn more about each of them as the plot unfolds. The voice acting is excellent, and despite the fact that the premise has been done a thousand times before, the characters’ motivations make it difficult to dismiss. It’s a fantastic experience that could be the series’ high point.

The vehicle passages are likewise excellent and should be mentioned. They may not be a topic that is in relation to Call of Duty, but they were performed brilliantly and made the game feel even more authentic. Although many don’t want to relive World War II, it was a great addition to the game.

Let’s get back to the basics of the franchise. The multiplayer gameplay. In every aspect, the game feels like Modern Warfare. It can be a little fast-paced, and the quick nature of the game might make tactical gameplay feel less rewarding at times. Vanguard is a wonderful shooter for drop-in and plays action, but if you like the slower pace of competing titles, this one is not for you. The more you play, the more prestige you gain and the shinies you amass.

Vanguard includes a tonne of attachments you may utilize to customize your loadout, as well as dozens of weapon skins to unlock. Completionists may struggle to meet some of the conditions because they aren’t always fair, but it’s a nice touch that makes every match feel more meaningful.


The maps are the picturesque vistas for Call of Duty Vanguard if multiplayer is the main course. And the vistas are breathtaking. The developers have done an excellent job with map design, and there are a surprising amount of them available at launch. They appear to be completely different, with distinct competitive designs and spots that do not alienate a more casual audience. It’ll be difficult to unseat COD as the most successful annual FPS franchise if they can maintain this level of design in the future.

In the multiplayer arena, Vanguard provides a few modes to keep things interesting. Some simply reduce or increase the number of adversaries you will encounter, with major gameplay implications, while others are a little more expansive. Champion Hill is the first one worth mentioning. It’s a squad-based battle arena in which you must work together and coordinate with your best pals in a frantic battle. The competitive circuit will be very intriguing to observe how this mode performs. Then there’s the matter of Zombies. Zombies are a popular addition to the Call of Duty series. It has the potential to steal the show when done correctly, but when done poorly, the community takes notice. This game might now be the best Zombie game, but games like Black for Blood have shown the audience how great and interesting these genres can be when implemented right. Hopefully, Zombies will improve over the course of a few patches.


Vanguard is a fun game, and it looks better than ever. Thanks to the Playstation 5’s powerful performance. The game runs smoothly on all systems regardless of what you have, a Playstation, XBox, or you are a Windows PC gamer. The most serious criticism will almost certainly be directed at the game’s direction. Call of Duty Vanguard is an improved version of Call of Duty, however, it isn’t a new game. If you’re a devoted fan of the series, this may be the best of all Call of Duty games, but even if you’re not, you’ll have a good time. Vanguard it’s fantastic, and those maps are going to help the review scores a lot.

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