The Top 5 TikTok Tips & Tricks: Beginners’ Guide To Going Viral

Business, English - November 25, 2021
Image 1. The Top 5 TikTok Tips & Tricks: Beginners’ Guide To Going Viral

The app for the millennials and Gen-Z, TikTok with 2.6 billion downloads and 1 billion active users, is the go-to application on most smartphones today. Interestingly TikTok users spend close to 52 minutes a day on the app! 

A platform that made sharing original content possible, and from viral videos to hashtags, TikTok is a witch’s brew of entertainment and information.

There are a number of reasons why TikTok has risen to such phenomenal popularity over the last year. The celebrity endorsements by names such as Jimmy Fallon have driven user engagement with the application. Additionally, paid partnerships with several celebrities across the world have resulted in audiences from different cultures turning to the platform to share their content. 

If you are new to the application and its offerings, you may be wondering how to become the next viral on the Internet, inspired by “sapnu-puas” and “Vogue”. There is no need to worry, we have your back!

Discover 5 incredible tips in this blog to make an impact on the TikTok platform!

The best way to create an impression on TikTok is by first understanding how the application works. From general knowledge to information shared by professionals across industries, TikTok is the place to generate views and garner attention. 

If you thought the platform is limited to off-beat dances and lip-synced videos, think again!

Every video on TikTok is given a chance and displayed to a small audience on a page titled “For You”. Even if you have 0 followers, if your video gathers attention from this group, TikTok will recommend the same to viewers who may like your content. Before you know it, you can have a viral video on your hands in a matter of hours! 

Make the most of your 15-second with the following tips and tricks: 

  1. The 3-Second Rule 

TikTok measures the content of a video by the metrics of completion rate and watch time. For instance, if you have created a 30-second video, your audience is more likely to watch the first few seconds and create an impression of your content. If the audience scrolls to the next video within the first few seconds, the TikTok algorithm stamps the video as irrelevant. 

What is the best way to avoid this situation? You need to make sure your content captivates your audience within the first 3 seconds of it being played. Keeping your audience engaged from the start will increase your watch time average and significantly boost your rate of completion. 

The 3-second rule is what makes TikTok among the best mobile apps to kill time

  1. Interact with your Audience 

Interactivity is the key difference between a social network and a video platform. What then, is TikTok? 

TikTok is a video platform that encourages interactions with an audience. With a comment section and several features like Duet and Stitch, it becomes possible for you to create content and collaborate with strangers! 

You can start or wrap up your video with a prompt asking your audience to leave their comments in the comments section. Create content that reaches out and tugs at the audience, compelling them to share the same on other preferred social media platforms. For example, ask them to share their favorite animal from the biggest animals in the world on your baby elephant video. Make sure to reply to the comments you receive! 

The result is that the algorithm considers your video a lot more interactive with engaging content and CTAs. 

  1. Speed it up (just a little) 

A trick used by most viral TikTok-ers is something that may seem counterintuitive on the first try. The more time a person spends on your video, the better it is for you! 

One of the ways to make that happen is by adding content that is a little too fast for viewers to read or understand the first time around. If it “seems” interesting enough, viewers will be more likely to rewatch the entire video just to focus on the part they missed out on. 

Therefore, a little more time than usual is spent on your video and this signals the algorithm that your content is arousing attention. Your video will then be promoted to larger audiences. 

  1. Make Use of TikTok’s Tools 

TikTok has become a gamechanger on the video-creation and editing front! The tools available on this application ensure that your video does not just begin and end with your camera. 

There is a massive archive of foot-popping music, interactive video effects, and mesmerizing audio clips. Therefore, anyone with an eye out for creativity can mix and match with the resources available to generate interesting and captivating content. 

There are two fundamental ways in which using TikTok’s available video resources pays off: 

Firstly, the wide range of music, animation, font styles, and themes can allow you to create a recognizable and unique style of production. This can help you build an audience, allowing them to recognize and pick your content out from the crowd. 

Secondly, using the filters and trending sounds in your video can work majorly in your favor. This is because the algorithm will be likely to forward your video to audiences if the filtres and sounds have already engaged previous users. 

  1. Humorous Content attracts Audiences 

Comedy is one of the most engaging parts of any social media network. From lifestyle to food and even medical situations, humor works like a charm and attracts the right crowd with tongue-in-cheek humor and chuckles. 

Given how engaging humor is, watching videos that make the crowd laugh can provide them with an incentive to keep rewatching your videos. Your content is also more likely to be checked out the minute it is published if it is humorous! 

Go with light and fun sounds and effects that can turn a dry video into content that can go viral! 

Remember to start slow and keep up your postings and interactions on the application! With our list of tips, you should be well on your way to becoming the next internet sensation!