Everything you need to know about G class cars

Everything you need to know about G class cars

When choosing a car, sophisticated lovers of quality cars are often guided by the concept of individuality. Having come into contact with Gelandewagen, you can be sure that becoming the owner of a legendary and powerful SUV, your car will definitely not merge with a crowd of moving vehicles. Before buying a car, it is better to contact the rental company to rent a car g class. To feel this car, whether it suits you. There is nothing wrong with car rental, yes, it is also an expense, but it will help you in your choice. Moreover, there are plenty of rental brands on the market, so you won’t have problem with hiring a car.

G-class Mercedes are cars that have increased cross-country ability. The sale of Mercedes Gelandewagen has been carried out for more than 30 years, every year the car is being modernized more and more. Gelendvagen can rightfully be called a brutal purely masculine car, it is not a shame to show it to friends and acquaintances, it cannot be compared with any other car, it can safely claim the title of a “special” car.


A distinctive feature of the Gelendvagen is its unique, outdated design. This car’s exterior transformation is not a design revolution, it’s a simple, timeless path to perfection. LED lights have been added to the headlights, such somewhat small mirrors for an SUV have found turn signals, the bumpers have received more embossed shapes.

Interior of the car

The central dashboard is completely digital, next to it is a huge touch screen, which together forms an unrealistically large multimedia board. The front seats and rear sofa have changed their location and shape to provide maximum comfort. The control lever of the 9-speed automatic gearbox looks like a steering wheel from futuristic fantasies. Air duct deflectors also hint at their extraterrestrial origin.

Perhaps one of the main details of the new interior is the three buttons between the central round air ducts. These buttons are responsible for inter axle and interwheel locks.

The cabin has a steering wheel with touchpads and a passenger handrail. In the center are cup holders and a box armrest with two doors. The unification of deflectors with the glamorous E-coupe is puzzling. The power window block and toggle switches are unique.

A classic door handle with a rough handle and a large button allows you to get inside. The lock clanks familiarly, the plumper door slams shut with a metallic sound. It is kept on purpose.


At the core is a frame that provides maximum endurance in off-road conditions. Uncut axles rear and front. Such a set in modern technologies can only decorate a 7-speed automatic transmission, a powerful and not at all economical engine, the consumption of such a car is 30 liters per 100 km, as well as electronic assistants that protect against: slipping, turning, skidding, collisions with obstacles, in the blind spot for the driver.

The gasoline engine can be developed up to 360 hp, diesel 300 hp. 

Most of the comments and reviews on the Internet come down to the fact that this machine is necessary for self-affirmation. When making such bold claims, we must not forget that the car is equipped with a forced wheel locking system and threaded axles, which provides an unprecedented level of flotation on sections of the road where others will need a tow cable. The price in Europe exceeds half a million euros, so the purchase of this machine requires certain costs. But do not forget that you can rent a car. Even if you do not have the opportunity to buy this car, car rental will make you feel like an owner.

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