5 animes in emission should be looking

English - February 17, 2015

If you do not yet know that animes see during this 2015 here’s a list of 5 of the best that are being broadcast right now.

The animes can be very dangerous for our productivity. When we are doing some important work and we learn that he has already left this new chapter as good pint had, we can not help but let a moment what we were doing and go take a look, because they are only about 20 minutes, right? The real problem comes when we begin to see a picture from chapter one and this enganchándonos ends. Hands up those who remained until dawn mesmerized by an anime.

We started the very strong year with a lot of animes that are worth seeing. Some of which I will mention in the list have started this year and some not, but being broadcast right now. If you are in time or important projects at hand exams, id carefully go unless what would be 20 minutes they become a marathon. Without further ado, let us examine what animes do during this 2015.

Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah Zero tells the story of an alternate Earth, where in 1972, mission Apollo 17 on the Moon discovered an old technology called Hyper Gate which allowed humanity to colonize Mars. However, ownership of this door was left to the newly created rule Vers Mars. In 1999, the Empire declared war on Earth, whose struggle Hyper Gate lost control and ended up destroying the moon. The anime starts 15 years after this event. We’ll see a protagonist who is a tactical genius, spectacular fights between strands and a surprisingly epic soundtrack.

Tokyo Ghoul

The history of Tokyo Ghoul puts us in Tokyo, where are occurring a series of brutal murders committed by beings called ghouls. These monsters are human aspect but to survive should eat human flesh. The protagonist of this story, Kaneki Ken is a college shy of 19 who meets a beautiful girl in a cafe and end on a date. However, it has been deceived by a ghoul, but at the time this was going to be devoured, construction beams fall, kill the ghoul and seriously injuring Kaneki. At the hospital, doctors performed emergency transplantation protagonist of the dead girl. Kaneki ends up becoming a human-ghoul hybrid and discover the society of the Ghouls.

The best of this anime are the battles between the ghouls. Some Kagune , organs ghoul to fight or hunt humans, are simply spectacular. Something that some will bother you is that by changing colors, so who wants an experience visceral can read the entire manga.

Cross Ange

Cross Ange is set in a utopia in which mankind has used the power of mana to kill all the problems on Earth as hunger, wars and pollution. However, the population is divided into two: those who can use the mana and no, they are called Standard and are treated as slaves. The story begins when they discover that Angelize, princess Mizurugi Empire, is a standard and is exiled to a secret island where Norma groups seek to annihilate giant dragons that appear mysteriously from another dimension. During this anime, we will witness the evolution of Angelize prior princess and now warrior, who do everything possible to survive and uncover the secrets that lie behind this most perfect society.


Parasyte is another anime monsters that eat humans, but in this are space aliens that infect human bodies and take control. The story chronicles the experiences of high school student, Shinichi Izumi, which the parasite only reaches parasitarle alien arm and therefore fails to lose control of his mental faculties. This leads to a symbiotic relationship in which Shinichi and the parasite just battling other aliens that threaten their survival.

The parasite is an extremely rational and often their interests are contradicted by the feelings of its host, giving rise to situations. To know if this anime you will like only have to watch the first 25 seconds of the first chapter if from there as you follow watching this anime is for you.

Death Parade

Welcome to Queen Dekim, a bar where souls go after death. In this place, people do not know they are dead and are forced to play games in which the winner will supposedly only alive. However, the server will use these extreme situations to get the true nature of the surface and judging persons and the present in order to decide who goes to heaven and who to hell. It is an original anime that has come out recently, so for now its number of chapters is tight, but without doubt, deserves to not lose track.