The biggest animals in the world

The world of nature is too magical and surprising. It is quite interesting to analyze the curiosities of the creatures that together with us, populate this planet. Let’s appreciate, what are “the biggest animals in the world”.

The sunfish

The biggest animals in the worldIn the world of fish, the largest of all is the sunfish, with an approximate weight of 2268 kilograms and an approximate size of 4.3 meters along and 3.2 meters in width. He can live close to ten years and in part, it is due to the large number of huge teeth that make him go through a dangerous shark.

The ostrich

The biggest animals in the worldIt is “the largest bird on Earth” and also, the heaviest; For that reason, the action of flying means a lot of work. But in the case of African ostriches, flight is impossible, considering that its weight exceeds 180 kilograms and three meters in height. Its feeding mode is based on herbs, fruits, flowers and small arthropod animals. Unfortunately, like most exotic species, it is in danger of being extinct.

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Carpincho, “the largest rodent in the world”

The biggest animals in the worldWe can find this animal in South America, throughout the continent and in some places it is known as capincho, chiguiro or capibara. His average height is 1.3 meters. They live in swamps and humid areas, because one of their main foods are aquatic plants.

The saltwater crocodile

The biggest animals in the worldIt has measures of 6 meters long and is considered as “the largest reptile in the world.” It is also cataloged as “the animal with the strongest bite in the world”. Or we can find in South Asia and especially in the northern part of Australia. It can weigh between 550 and 1050 kilograms.

Huge Alaskan bears and polar bears

The biggest animals in the worldOf all the animals that eat meat, these are the most enormous of those that are currently registered. The Kodiak bears are also known as the native bears in Alaska, which are like twin brothers of the polar ones; they can measure between 2.5 meters and 3.5 meters long, with an approximate weight of 1050 kilograms. Obviously, its strength is unimaginably huge.

However, in the terrestrial world, the bears mentioned above stand out as the largest carnivores. But in reality, the most gigantic carnivorous animal that exists is an aquifer and is the southern elephant seal. The males of this species weigh between 2300 and 4050 kilograms, with dimensions of 4.7 and 5.9 meters lengthwise.

The blue whale

The biggest animals in the worldBut without a doubt, the largest animal in the entire world is “the blue whale”. It exceeds the dimensions and weight of any animal known to date. It becomes heavier than the African elephant in the savannah, which weighs seven and a half tons. But the weight of the blue whale is 200 tons.

This whale has a hole above its body, through which it launches a powerful jet that rises up to 9 meters in the air.

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