The Riddles of The Mona Lisa

Curiosities - July 27, 2019

The Monalisa, a famous painting also known as the Gioconda, was created by the Italian Renaissance painter, Leonardo Da Vinci, roughly in 1519, the year in which he finished painting with a technique known as Sfumato, which basically uses several ca very delicate paint pas to give an appearance of antiquity and aging.

Image 1. The Riddles of The Mona Lisa

It’s not a normal painting, it’s about

Some experts claim it took 16 years to paint it, but most of the subject’s connoisseurs say it only took 4. The wonderful genius Leonardo Da Vinci, has repeatedly been noted to have belonged to a secret society known as The Angelic Society, where there were also notable figures such as Jules Verne and Dante Alighieri.

Presumably, this society comes from ancient Greece and promoted rituals. Enigmatically, this painting could give us an idea of this interesting and select group of characters.

Around this painting there are many stories, as it is intriguing to decipher many curiosities, such as the origin of the model,the smile, the place where it was painted, the details of the background landscape, in short, much speculation about these details that they even become related to beings from other planets.

But scholars have dared to claim that the model was a neighbor of Leonardo Da Vinci and also, it is said that she might be pregnant. It was the wife of Francesco Bartolomeo de Giocondo and was actually called Lisa Gherardini, where her other name comes from: Mona, who comes from the old Italian to refer to lady; it has come to be claimed that this lady was Leonardo’s mistress.

The mysterious smile was painted by Da Vinci with a very rare shadow effect for the time, as the smile disappears when you look directly and reappear when you see other parts of the painting.It’s an unusual smile, because you don’t really know if you’re smiling or if you’re terribly sad and bitter.

Mysteriously, the horizon on the left is noticeably lower than that on the right. And although it may seem like a perspective error at first glance,it was an idea that Leonardo knew to capture very well, because with that optical trick, the Monalisa looks more powerful from the left side.

It has come to be associated the female part of the right side and the male side of the left side. Even repeatedly, scholars have dared to claim that the Monalisa is a self-portrait of Leonardo, as an androgynous being.

A well-known investigation states that the name Monalisa is an anagram derived from Amon and L’isa, which alludes to the Egyptian fertility gods Amon and Isis.