The most luxurious seven-star hotels on the planet

According to specialists, the hotels that we will see in this video are the most luxurious on the planet. The most select of the select that are not even five stars, but seven, which indicates that they are too exclusive sites. Today we will be traveling to each one of them, to know them inside. Let’s see right away: “The seven star hotels in the world”:

The Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

The author of this architectural work is Thomas Wills Wright, who first held the 7-star title, the highest in the world. Inside there are hundreds of rooms, which can cost around 20,000 euros to spend a night in one of them. It has a heliport to arrive and leave incognito, as well as a spectacular tennis court, golf and unique spaces that offer pleasures that not everyone could have, such as Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktum, the owner.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

In order to completely build this stunning hotel, more than 4 billion euros were needed, a huge amount that endowed it with impressive luxuries and exorbitant value components, such as gold walls in some rooms. A single night costs around 12 thousand euros. Also for that value, rides around Abu Dhabi in the hotel’s Rolls are added.

The Pangu 7 Star Hotel, Beijing

In the center of the great Chinese city, there is a building with a special design that stands out from all the others, especially for its highest part. The sharpest gastronomy specialists consider that the Pangu restaurant is the highest quality that exists on the entire planet. It was the ingenuity of renowned decorator Ricardo Bello Dias, who designed the hotel’s interiors, choosing to use sober and traditional Chinese elements. There are clients who prefer to live in the Pangu hotel permanently, so they rent one of the apartments that are available for this class of people and the cost is approximately 2 thousand euros per day.

Square Hotel & Mall, Orlando

It is known as the hotel of excess and extreme comfort. It consists of two towers located south of Orlando, United States, where a total of 1,256 rooms operate, as well as several restaurants with unique food and luxury sports venues. It exceeds the quality of all American hotels, earning it an extraordinary 7-star rating.

Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

The hotel covers a large part of the islands of Fiji, with 25 residences of extreme luxury, with measures close to one thousand square meters in total. You practically rent the islands for your own use, with attentions that surpass all ostentation. We could assure you that it is an earthly paradise, but in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with crystal clear waters and beaches that seem to be taken from a dream movie. The food served there is an ultra fine and exquisite caress to the palate.

TownHouse Galleria, Milan

It is located in the heart of the Lombard capital, in the extremely valuable Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. On the European continent, it is the first hotel to deserve the 7-star rating, although it is somewhat symbolic because really in the world, the hotel categories are estimated up to 5 stars, but it is thanks to its fabulous services and facilities, it is attributed the 7 stars and that is why a single night at the TownHouse Galleria costs the trifle of 5 thousand euros.

L’Àlabriga, Girona

Despite the fact that in Spain the maximum hotel score is still fixed at 5 stars, there are establishments that exceed all limits and are part of those of 7 stars: the most luxurious in the world, such as L’Àlabriga. The materials with which its facilities were built are exorbitantly luxurious, as well as the services and luxuries offered for both rooms and apartments.

The attention is too detailed and pleasant, which cannot be missing in the hedonistic trend of pleasure and extreme relaxation of this dream establishment, so they have perfectly trained butlers to serve the guest even before arriving at the hotel. It has high-end cars, the same with which customers can go for walks, as well as boats with all the luxuries to undertake trips to the sea.

The most luxurious seven-star hotels on the planet
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