JAST USA explains why they Steins; Gate not be launched on Steam

English - December 25, 2014

Do not have the permission to do so can only be obtained from their official website.
JAST USA has explained why the English version PC Steins; Gate you can only get from href=”” official website of the company and not in Steam .

No permission to sell the game on Steam

“Steins; Gate was developed by some companies, including Mages / 5pb and Nitroplus, and Title property is very complex , to the point of having to ask permission to the smallest details of the game, like writing ‘The Psy Kongroo’ “.

“The company is trying to do some interesting things with the series in the West, since Steins; Gate is one of the main games.” said Peter Payne, founder of JAST USA

“We have a license to sell the PC version. Obviously we would like permission to put the game on Steam, but currently we do not have
Steins;. Gate is an acclaimed visual novel that tells the story of a group of friends who has become a microwave into a device capable of sending text messages to the past, with all the attendant consequences. The story takes place in the Japanese legendary district of Akihabara.