The true story of the Joker

The true story of the Joker

Batman’s main enemy and one of the most famous villains in the world of cinema is the Joker, who is also known as the Joker. But although he is well known, few know all the details of his origin. For this reason, we bring all those mysteries that surround this sinister evil clown below:

The character was initially scrapped

At the beginning, the directors of the Batman comic were not so in agreement with the character. He was introduced by Jerry Robinson and was repeatedly turned down. For DC Comics executives, the idea of a jester-faced villain. But after insistence, he was finally allowed to appear in several scenes and became one of the most important protagonists in the history of the Batman.

One of the most enigmatic characters in comics

But the most curious thing is the mysterious origin of it, why the author came up with that idea. He figured in history since the year 1940. DC Comics has never ruled on the matter, leaving in total mystery what is the primary idea that surrounds that clown with a macabre smile.

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An attempt was made to give some approximations to the origin of the joker in the successful novel entitled “The Killing Jocke”, authored by Brian Bolland and Allan Moore. This tells how the joker was a former employee of a factory specialized in producing industrial chemicals, but he felt that his thing was comedy, so one day he decided to resign.

But failure follows him like a shadow and as a comedian he was a complete fiasco. The biggest problem was that he was married and apart from supporting his wife, he had to take care of her pregnancy, since they were expecting his first child. Then, blinded by his fears, he joined a gang of thugs who wanted to assault the factory where that man once worked.

Then, so that the factory personnel would not discover him, the subject covered his face with a red hood and that is what his character in the story was called: “Red Hood”. But just when the assault was prepared, he received the news that his wife had lost her life along with her firstborn.

But anyway, the other criminals managed to dissuade him from accompanying them in his operation. But in the middle of the action, everything went wrong when Batman appeared and defeated them. In the battle, the Jocker fell into a well filled with highly sensitive chemicals. However, he did not lose his life, but he did undergo a radical and monstrous physical transformation: his skin turns whitish and his hair green.

He could not bear such a rough patch and went chronically crazy. The explosion of his psyche gave rise to the Jocker. This is the version that is commonly known among the world of fans, but officially DC Comic has not accepted it as such.

He is capable of anything!

Because he lost his sanity, he became an unpredictable being, but with terrible surprises he obsessively tried to take down Batman. Throughout the comic’s history, the evil clown was directly responsible for the painful circumstances and losses of other characters, such as the second Robin, whom he led to an explosion where he was blown to pieces. Or also Barbara Gordon, the Commissioner’s second wife, whom he left a paraplegic, among others.

The main power of him is his deranged madness

A detail that defines the Joker’s personality and physique is his incredible resistance to pain and also, for some reason he is invulnerable to the laughing gas he uses. It seems that everything is taken as a joke and he lives laughing sickly. No one knows what he can do and that gives him a special power.

On the other hand, Batman is a character characterized by complying with and enforcing ethical standards and codes, which is why he obsessively competed with his opposite pole, that malevolent clown. The setting is the enigmatic Gotham City. Ever since he first appears, he has been dedicated to getting Batman into serious trouble.

But in the end, he became an excellent trainer and psychological gym, since the Jocker is so intelligent that he puts the bat man in check many times. Consequently, it is evident that there is a before and after in Batman’s life and personality thanks to his archenemy the Joker. Therefore, he became the Dark Knight, a superhero who goes beyond good and evil.

In popular culture, the Joker has become a symbol of chaos and anarchy, and has been used as a symbol of opposition to established power. He is often portrayed as a character who defies norms and conventions, and poses a threat to the social order.

The Joker has appeared in a variety of media, including comic books, movies, television shows and video games. Each of these depictions has given a different view of the character, but all have emphasized his unbalanced personality and obsession with Batman.

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