Examples of written communication

Both oral communication and written communication are two of the main forms of human communication and, to be more specific, only written communication – along with the pictorial – is proper and distinctive of the human race. Animals have a form of oral and gestural communication, but do not know the written and pictorial or visual.

Examples of written communication

It is just a form of expression that is carried in the form of a sign, or grapheema, that is, using letters and alphabets. As for its physical form, it can be printed, in a magazine, a book, etc., through the internet (in fact this article is an example of written communication).

Examples of written communication

But well, without further ado, we go for the examples of written communication, which we will see in various areas and situations, because this type of communication supports the most diverse forms.

Read a Book

We’d have already enunciated it. It can also be: reading a magazine, a weekly, an unaider, an encyclopedia, etc.

Write an essay

Whether it’s for a task or to express our thinking, in a clear and short way. It can also be writing an article, a book, a post, etc.


Really disused, and quite. We could also say: Send a telegram… Pouf… how obsolete. So let’s just trade it for this.

Send an email

This is fashionable, we all love it. But what if we update it more? Send a message on Facebook. In fact, this does drive us crazy (by the way, don’t forget that if you leave a comment on Facebook you will have taken an example of written communication).

Writing a letter

We could also say that write a letter and send it by mail. Deprecated. However, in the world of work such communications, minutes, memorandums, etc. are common.

Make a report

Of any kind, both academically, work- or simply personal.

Make graffiti

If it is image it will not be written communication, but pictorial. But if it contains some kind of slogan, it is a written communication (in any case for these times there is a mess, we must first find out which areas are viable to perform this type of expression and not get into some trouble.

Finally, we must not forget that written communication can be simple or complex in your message. That is: we can write a simple “hello how are you?”, or actually make a convoluted book of legislation or teratology, etc., etc., and additionally riddled with technicalities, neologisms, archaisms and much more.

Currently, the type of communication written par excellence, are the different social networks. Billions of text messages come and go all over the world, instantly, moment by moment. Unfortunately, languages are eventually affected, adulterated and mistreated, by the laziness of users, who are creating idioms making all kinds of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Over the years, it is accepted as normal and people like that stay.

Please leave your opinion in the comment box. What is the written resource you like the most?

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Examples of written communication
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