Words and funny phrases with names and surnames

Education - June 18, 2019

This is a small list of curious names that, together with other names and surnames give an explosive mixture.

Image 1. Words and funny phrases with names and surnames

Even some of them manage to be vetoed in the notaries, so that children can not be punished, sorry: registered. In Chile, until further orders, as well as in other countries, are prohibited. In other cases, the priest (priest) or the notary may refuse.

But hey, these are, and if you know any other, please write it in the comment box. There are many more, but for now we present the following:

Aquiles Brinco
Aquiles Bailo
Aquiles Baeza Parada
Alan Brito Delgado
Armando Casas
Benito Camelo
Benito Camelas
Débora Melo
Dolores del Anno
Elsa Pato
Elsa Capunta
Elsa Pito
Elmer Curio
Elba Lazo
Mary Conazo
Marcia Ana
Mario Neta
Rosa Melo
Rosamel Fierro
Zoila Cerda
Susana Orio
Zampa Teste
Zacarias Flores del campo
Elsa Polindo
Aquiles Castro
Pato Carlos Bustos de la Vaca
Keca Galindo
Elma Mont
Debora Cabezas Parada
Armando Mocha
Alma Marcela Goza de Alegría
Elvis Tek
Sevelinda Parada
Jose Luis Lamata Feliz
Elva Gina
Esteban Dido
Elba Calao
Rosa Malcacho
Yola Priet
Rosa Mesa Cabeza
Elvio Lao
Miren Amiano
Rosamel Forrito

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