Function of the ureters

The ureters are two connectors that arise from the bladder to the kidneys. They constitute the urinary system, constituted by the urethra, urinary bladder and the kidneys.

Function of the ureters

Two conduits of great importance

In this effect, these two tubes have the function of directing urine from the renal pelvis to the bladder. The ureters are 3 to 6 millimeters thick and about 30 centimeters long in the adult population.

Exactly detach from the upper part of the abdomen, where the kidneys are located and extend to the area of ​​the pelvis, behind the gastrointestinal organs.

The medicine has classified the ureter in two parts: the pelvic and the abdominal. In that journey there are three layers:

Mucosal layer: includes the inner area of ​​the organ.

Muscular layer: it is the second layer that is constituted by other two smooth muscular layers. One inside and one outside.

Adventitious layer: it is the most superficial layer, where the fibers of nerves and the blood vessels are.

The upper extremity of the ureter is located inside the kidney and is called the renal pelvis. From the kidney, the ureter descends through the posterior part of the abdomen and enters the pelvic cavity, opening in the hole of the ureter, located in the lower part of the bladder.

End of function of the ureters.


Function of the ureters
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