Steps to create the human soul

The Soul: the soul is the same psyche, named after the Greek sages. A cluster of amazing powers, faculties, virtues and forces latent in the essence of every human being. Unfortunately, that essence is trapped and wasted in the various self that we carry inside.

Not everyone has a soul, says Beethoven

Every time one eliminates such inhuman or yoes psychic elements, the essence is gradually released and with the work in practice of the Arcane AZF, it is fixed on the spine, awakening all those attributes of the soul.

Psychic Powers: As the Kundalini Snake ascends, the Sexual Fire, down the spinal cord to the brain, crystallizes the Existential Bodies of Being. Each body of these contains spectacular supernatural powers, such as mastering fire, ordering earthquakes, calming them; orderstorms or calm them down; heal others or heal himself. Walk on water. Order the sea to open in two. Among multiple powers over the elements.

Virtues: every psychological defect when eliminated, releases a virtue. For example, from hate comes love. From lying, honesty. Laziness, diligence. Anger, sweetness. Pride, humility, etc.

Supernatural forces: people completely ignore forces that can be wielded by inner power, such as mental strength, force of intent, will, etc. Whoever works with the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness gradually integrates all these unknown mystical forces into his Being and could perform wonders that not a thousand men together could.

Extraordinary Faculties: the creation or regeneration of each energetic or existential body of Being corresponds to an Initiation of Major Mysteries. Each initiation awakens faculties that we all have hidden, such as communication through thought, known as Telepathy. The Clarividence, with which we can see other dimensions here and now. The magic ear that will allow us to hear what is happening in other parallel dimensions. Anyway, there are many faculties and they might seem like science fiction, as the Jews of Holliwood and their black subliminal films have pretended to believe.

Soul manufacturing method

As has been said, the method of creating a soul of its own and powerful, is based on the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness. Ludwing Van Beethoven, the Grand Master of Music and a Great Initiate, in his Ninth Symphony clearly says: “Whoever does not yet possess a soul, who walks away from our brotherhood by weeping.”

The first factor of the Revolution of Consciousness is Mystic Death: a true introspective psychoanalysis in a terrible battle against itself, which will allow us to save the valuable Energy, which is spent torrent in explosions of anger, lust, greed, envy, masturbations, aberrations, pornography, anxieties, worries, etc., etc.

All that amount of negative thoughts, emotions and actions that we carry inside. Saving energy, remaining reindeer, in continuous self-observation to consciously capture defects in action, in addition to a state of intense devotion to the Inner God, we will be able to balance the energy centers of the human machine and we will undo consciousness trapped in those egos.

In such psychological defects are asleep all our faculties, powers and forces. This is not to become good according to the morality of the system, nor bad. But a Higher Being.

The second factor is the Spiritual Birth: with the sacred and hidden technique of the Arcane AZF, in the sexual union of a married couple, without ejaculating the Ens Seminis reaching orgasm, the Existential Bodies of Being or Dimensional Bodies are created, with which we we will become gods of the Universe, with ineffable powers and eternal life.

And the Third Factor is the Sacrifice for Humanity: by recognizing that there is only one God, living in each of us, as if each creature were a mask of the Lord, that we are One, then we will love our neighbour as ourselves. So that by informing you of this Sacred and Hidden Knowledge, all mankind without distinction of race, creed, religion, etc., the merits of the heart will be obtained in order to advance the creation of the Soul.

Concrete steps

  1. Find complete hidden knowledge without misrepresentation.
  2. Start practicing the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness.
  3. Save energy, restoring every energy center of the human machine in complete balance.
  4. To get a partner totally committed to this Cause, with which one must live together and must not be changed but for reasons of adultery or physical death.
  5. Start the practice of the sacred Arcane AZF, reversing the course of The Ens Seminis through the spine towards the brain, without ejaculating a single drop or reaching the physical orgasm or spasm.
  6. Wake up the Kundalini.

Perform the five Initiations, the creation and regeneration of the five bodies that make up the true human soul: physical body, vital body, astral body, mental body and body of will.

7. Transcend the Nirvana test.

Whoever possesses these five fully regenerated and created bodies has absolute powers over nature, in the style of a Moses and other great Men, because in truth, only whoever has crystallized these dimensional bodies is an authentic Man, no matter what if it’s male or female. Man was made in the image and likeness of God, because he has powers like the Divinity. If we were like God in these moments, the world would not be in full destruction. We must become real men.

Steps to create the human soul
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June 30, 2019

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