The clock of the apocalypse is about to mark the final hour

The clock of the apocalypse is about to mark the final hour

There are many people who cannot imagine that there is an artifact created by scientists, whose function is to mark the countdown time of the end of the world. But this imminent end of the human race on the face of the Earth, according to scholars on the subject, will not be caused by something divine, but quite the contrary, it will be caused by the human being himself, who with his actions is about to unleash his imminent self-destruction. In this installment we present: the mysterious clock of the Apocalypse, which is about to mark the end for humanity. Let’s see:

A symbol of human self-destruction

The University of Chicago Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has developed a symbolic global impact tool to call attention to the atomic, environmental and technological threats facing our planet. With this, the university’s scientists seek to remind the world that we must take immediate action to protect our safety and long-term survival.

The Doomsday Clock, also known as the Doomsday Clock, is a powerful symbol that was created in 1947. At a time of intense competition between political powers, the symbolic clock sought to draw attention to the risk of a global nuclear disaster. However, as the years have passed, the atomic hazard has been outweighed by other evils just as serious.

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Climate change, new microorganisms and the misuse of science and technology are causing “irreparable damage to humanity.” As a result, the hands of the clock have moved forward with time. The clock does not have a specific physical place where it can be found, but is a metaphor used to illustrate the proximity of the world to a global event with unfortunate consequences.

In January 2021, the hands moved 20 seconds ahead of the previous measurement. In 2017, the margin was three minutes. In 2018, it went to 2.5 minutes and then to two minutes. Every time the hands of the clock move closer to midnight, it becomes more evident that little is being done to reverse this trend. The specialists working at the Doomsday Clock strive to inform, raise awareness and mobilize society to take action, before it is too late. The goal is to prevent or reduce the damage caused by these global threats.

The Manhattan Project was the origin of the nuclear arms race in the United States, but it was also the beginning of a moral conscience in the scientists who worked on it. After seeing the destructive power of their inventions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, many of them vowed not to be “world shatterers” and instead to work to prevent future nuclear events.

A group of professors and researchers from the University of Chicago, led by Albert Einstein, launched the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as a way of drawing public attention to the risk of nuclear devices. To illustrate the nearby threat, the group also commissioned a watch from designer Martyl Langsdorf, the wife of a physicist in the group, Alexander Langsdorf. This watch symbolizes their commitment to work to prevent future nuclear events and their call for awareness and education.

Just a few minutes before the “end

Regarding the current state of the world, on several occasions, the clock has been only 5 minutes away from midnight, the time when the Apocalypse could occur, but in January 2017, the time was shortened even more, being just 3 minutes past midnight. The situation worsened in January 2021, when the clock went back 100 seconds; this happened due to the increasing dangers on the European continent.

Scientists say that the use of nuclear objects between powers and disturbances in the environment could be the reasons for the next update of the clock, which could get dangerously close to 12 midnight. This year will be crucial, as the world will be watching the Doomsday Clock, and everyone is looking forward to the update from the scientists. With more than 20 adjustments made to the clock hands, the variations between 2 and 17 minutes reflect the constant concern of experts about the future of the planet.

The Doomsday Clock has been a recurring theme in popular culture since its creation. With its alarming countdown to the Apocalypse, it has inspired a large number of works in different media.

Hundreds of newspaper articles have been written on the subject; researchers have studied it in depth; plays have represented him on stage; television series have used it as the main plot and songs inspired by this iconic watch have even been written. Without a doubt, the Doomsday Clock has left a lasting mark on millions of people.

The end of the world clock is a powerful reminder of the importance of taking action to address global problems before it is too late. Scientists and experts hope the clock will serve as a call to action for political leaders and ordinary citizens to work together to address these problems and avert a global catastrophe.

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