Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

With the name Three Cups this card occupies the number three position of the tarot cups club. On this occasion we will present a synthesis of the symbolic features of this card, as well as the interpretations that make it most tarotists, as well as some of the meanings that can be collected while next to some specific cards.

In this card we can observe three women celebrating. Each one holds a cup in his hand, and they’re about to toast. These women appear almost intertwined, in fact some experts in symbology have pointed out that this card seems to refer to the three graces. Also, in the illustration you can also see several bunches of grapes as if it were the time of harvest.

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Generally speaking, experts in this divinatory method apparently emerging in medieval Italy suggest that the appearance of this card in a reading indicate positive news, which can be reflected in the consultant’s life as good friendships, fruitful interpersonal relationships.

She may also be reporting a pregnancy. In short, the Three Cups Card almost always brings with it news of celebrations,parties and good omens that will be lived by collective, either as a family or as a couple. It can also be synonymous with a rather creative stage for the consultant.

It can also be simply a reflection of the situation where a certain event will be lived, since the Three Cups may also be referring to parties as such, be it birthdays, weddings, first communions, baptisms. In this case, as with the rest of the cards, the accompanying cards must be taken into account in order to specify whether their meaningis really positive or not.

As for the concrete planes of existence, the appearance of this card in the loving realm reveals that the couple is experiencing a moment of great emotional stability. It may also indicate that they are prepared to make the decision to grow as a family, that is, to have children.

Likewise, this card has great significance in terms of the friendly environment of the consultant, noting that the consultant is surrounded by positive friendships,which can bring great benefits on an emotional level. In fact it is advisable to review the interests of all, because this card speaks of groups that can undertake large crusades or projects.

For its part, in the field of health, this card can be translated as a good physical and emotional moment for the consultant.  At the work level, the three cups gives us an account of a stage in which the person is in a positive environment, in which we work as a team, achieving the appropriate synergy to achieve great goals.

Although most tarotists point out that this card rather refers to a group of friends than a group of co-workers, so it may be referring more to extra-labor environments in which the consultant participates. In the economic area is also very well aspected this menu.

If it appears inverted

Continuing with the many meanings of this card we find the interpretations that tarotistas make of it when the Three Cups comes to appear inverted. In that case the card takes on a not-so-positive meaning, where it expresses just the opposite of what it indicates when it is right, that is, that this inverted card could be alerting or accounting for a moment of maximum loneliness for the consultant.

He also points out that the events that are about to happen will not bring any special happiness. You may be referring to a moment of apathy, sadness, and depression.

It may also be referring to parties that end badly, or celebrations that are overshadowed, such as an outdoor celebration that cannot be held by rain, an argument before a wedding, a child who gets sick on the eve of his christening, or any situation that may end or desubtract shine from a party.

Also, a three-cup stake may refer to the difficulties the consultant experiences in adapting to a specific group, it can be at work or college. In this sense, this inverted card indicates that the consultant is left out of a group or that he fails to share the joy or achievements of the group.

In combination with other cards

Like the rest of the tarot cards, the Three Cups also takes on specific meanings according to the accompanying card.For example, if this card appears next to the high priestess, it may indicate pregnancy. Next to death would be pointing to a person’s hatred of the consultant or vice versa.

Together with The Sun instead he points out love, that is, the arrival of a new love. It also takes meanings according to the card you combine with. In this case, if he appears next to the jack of swords, it may indicate that someone is slandering us or raising false testimonies toward us. If instead it appears in the company of El Hermits its meaning of loneliness is sized.

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