The Devil’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


The Devil’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

With the name The Devil’s this card occupies in correlative order the fifteenth position of the Great Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we will try to make a synthesis of the symbolic features of this card, as well as the general interpretations that experts make of it in this divinatory method that apparently has its origin in 15th-century Italy.

In this deck (from the deck known as Rider) we can see the figure of a being that many identify with the Christian Judeo image of the Devil or Satan. This animal character features wings and horns. In front of him is a pair of devils that are attached by a rope that ties them by the neck.

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According to most experts in symbology this being represents the fallen angel spoken of by Christian scriptures, so it can represent our lowest instincts and ambitions.A characteristic feature of this card is the gesture of greeting that appears making this being, which is pointed out by some as a symbol of mockery.


In general this chart represents the low passions and instincts of the consultant and his environment, it can also indicate clashes and clash between different forces. As for the different currents of thought there are several associations that are made of this card.

For example, for the Cabalistics the Devil’s Tarot Card is related to the Hebrew letter Samech, as well as to the planets Mars and Saturn.

For its part, numerology considers that this card is linked to number fifteen, the meaning of which can be interpreted as the possibility of discovering what lies hidden, to help us to ward off all that is evil. Esotericism instead relates it to the starsign Sagittarius, as well as to the Fire element.

Likewise, the tarotists have defined several meanings for this card according to the appropriate aspect. In this sense, on the material plane the appearance of this chart always indicates a depletion caused by the wear of energies. On an animus plane the The Devil’s Tarot Card may be signaling that the consultant moves by the impulses that reside in his instincts.

As for the spiritual plane, although it might seem the opposite, this card points to the consultant’s intention to seek and find perfection. However, it cannot be overlooked that at all times this card must be interpreted in context, that is, together with the cards from which it is accompanied, which will indicate to the cartoonist the positive or negative character of this card.

In relation to specific topics, this card also has one-off meanings. If, for example, the consultant wants to find out about a final result, the appearance of this card announces that he will get what he wants, however he also warns the consultant about the methods he is implementing to achieve his goals.

In the event that the question is aimed at identifying a specific person the appearance of this card may be referring to an ambitious, greedy person who is guided by his instincts. You may also be indicating a sensual and passionate person.

In reference to the love plane, the presence of The Devil’s Tarot card within a reading can indicate a relationship where passion and romance prioritize. However, it may also be indicating a struggle of powers within the relationship, where one tries to dominate the other.

You can also warn the consultant about the need to strengthen the dialogue in their relationship, because the presence of this card, according to what most tarotists point out, may be warning about the ongoing fights that may take late or early to a stage of instability.

If, on the other hand, the consultant is interested in analysing the field of health, the presence of this card indicates a good time in this area. It also points to the overcoming of some conditions that may be had at the level of the viscera.

On the other hand, if the question of the consultant is aimed at investigating his work level, the presence of this card may herald a very positive moment in this area, in which new opportunities may arise. They also tell the person that it is time to move according to what indicates his intuition, the opportunity has come to use his cunning.

This card also warns about the problems you may get from establishing sexual contacts with someone in your work environment. Economically, the appearance of this card speaks of a good time to make investments.

And if it appears inverted

So too, like the other tarot cards, the Devil also has a meaning if it appears inverted. In this sense, this card inverted in the loving plane tells the consultant the arrival of possible love disappointments.It may also indicate a love break from the fighting.

In health this inverted card reminds the consultant of the importance of taking care of himself during his sexual encounters as his presence may indicate possible spreads of sexually transmitted diseases.

At the work level, The Devil’s Tarot card reversed can alert the consultant to interpersonal problems in his work context, due to great envy. It also warns that it is not time to sign contracts, take upors or change jobs.

Economically, the presence of this card in reverse may indicate that the consultant is at risk of being deceived. According to the interpretations of some tarotists, the presence of this card reversed in a consultation on the economic plane warns the person about the need to distrust all those around him, including his family environment.
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