Temperance’s Tarot Card Meaning: kabbalah


Temperance’s Tarot Card Meaning: kabbalah

Called the Temperance card this tarot deck occupies the fourteenth place of the Major Arcanes this divinatory method apparently emerged in Italy during the Middle Ages. On this occasion we offer a summary of the symbolic general features that most experts give to this card, as well as a synthesis of the interpretations that are given of it.

In the Temperance Card one can see the figure of an angel, who cannot be distinguished either as feminine or as masculine, which passes from one jug to another a quantity of water without spilling a drop, for he has the patience and mettle necessary to do so. According to the experts in symbology this angel represents virtue. For its part, the jugs it holds also have their meanings.

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In this sense, experts claim that one is gold (and represents the future) while another is silver (and represents the past). The act of passing the water from one jug to another is also interpreted by some as the present, in which case this card would be warning the consultant about the importance of living in the here and now as a way of not feeling nostalgic for the past or anxiety for the fut Uro.


Generally speaking, the Temperance Card sends a message of self-control, as well as the need to preserve balance, self-control. As for the currents of thought, the Cabalistics relates this tarot card to the Hebrew letter Nun, as well as to the sign of Aquarius, although there are other schools that prefer to associate it with sagittarius.

For its part esotericism associates it with the element Earth and the starsign of Virgo. For numerology instead the Temperance Card is associated with the number fourteen, composed of the sum of seven plus seven, which means transmutation, change, but the one that arrives positively, and not through crises.

As to its meaning within a reading, most experts claim that the presence of this card heralds the mastery of consciousness over any situation, whether it occurs on a material, moodor or spiritual level. However, it shouldn´t be overlooked that the interpretation of this card will be made in context, that is, taking into account the cards with which it is accompanied.

However, in general, if the consultant wants to know the final result of a situation, the Temperance Card advises that it is time to take into consideration all the edges of the moment, as well as the need to advise very well before giving any step. It can also indicate moments of transition from one stage to another.

If, on the other hand, the consultant would like to specify to a specific person the Temperance Card refers toa being who seeks at all times conciliation, but who also has a great capacity to adapt to all circumstances.

As for the specific aspects of existence, the appearance of the Tempitance card within a consultation on the love plane could indicate the arrival of pleasant and romantic moments in the couple.

However, the person may be being told that it is time to review how he perceives himself within the relationship, because perhaps the time has come to start self-assessing.In the field of health this card announces a period of tranquility and stability, as well as indicates that it is time to keep the balance and not to fall into excess.

In the area of work, Temperance’s card, according to most tarotists, may be referring to a moment of stability, conducive to the establishment of agreements and companies, as well as for the signing of contracts. On an economic level, this card warns of the arrival of great strokes of luck, however it always warns about the use of consciousness and the pursuit of balance.

And if it appears inverted

Likewise, like all tarot cards, it also has a meaning if it comes to appear inverted, that is, head, in which caseits meaning is no longer so positive and on the contrary announces the arrival of some situations not quite desired Give.

For example, if the consultant is interested in the love issue and the inverted Temperance card appears, he is warned of possible differences with the partner and the urgent need to improve communication with his partner.

At the work level, the inverted Temperance card may indicate that it is not time to sign contracts without having previously advised. It may also signal a woman’s negative influence. In the area of health, this inverted card may be pointing out some unexpected digestive or liver problems.

In the economic area instead it remains positive so it is invested, as it announces the arrival of money, either through a pay increase or the cancellation of an old debt.

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