The Legend of The Smiling Man

The Legend of The Smiling ManA strange subject, with a particular smile and characteristics outside this world, has appeared to various people throughout the ages and places. He has even identified himself as Indrid Cold.

A dread hard to forget

The eccentric individual was spotted first, in New Jersey, United States, on October 16, 1966. Two young men were the first to notice it, as they were passing down Fourth Avenue.

Suddenly, they realized that near them was a very rare entity; so that they came closer to curious and found a bald, tall man wearing a metal suit, fluorescent green.

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He had on his face a wicked and seemingly fake duse, like a demonic grimace. He stared at them to such an extent that the young men wanted to flee the place. However, that man followed them for a while, until he lost sight of them. He never took his macabre smile off his expression.

The second time the presence of this mysterious individual was recorded was on November 2 of that same year 66, two months after what happened on Fourth Avenue. This time he showed up in Parkersbourg, West Virginia. A truck driver was on his way home at the moment, when he felt the roar of what appeared to be an accident.

He stopped to corroborate the situation and at that moment, he saw that a kind of vehicle never seen before was approaching, with a form of kerosene lamp, the disturbed driver assures. From that kind of spaceship, the same character descended from Fourth Avenue, with its macabre smile and film costumes.

But this time the guy identified himself as Indrid Cold, in front of the driver of the truck named Woodrow Deremberger. He warned her that he did not want to harm him and that his only intention was to study more closely about the humanity of this planet. However, he never put aside his bewildering smile. He also confessed that it came from a planet called “Lanulo”, located in the galaxy of “Ganymede”.

Other records of the appearances of this so-called alien have been presented in West Virginia, in the home of a family. Since the subject doesn’t erase his pronounced smile, not a single second, it becomes something terrifying, those who have seen it say.

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