Giant 2,400-year-old vase found in Peru

Giant 2,400-year-old vase found in Peru

In the last few years, there has been gathering reliable evidence that in ancient times, the Earth was also inhabited by giants, human beings of a colossal size. The writings, legends and ancient myths of different cultures, also speak of these mysterious and enormous characters, known by some as the Nephilim in the Bible and Hebrew books.

But on this occasion, we will talk about an object of impressive dimensions for its nature, which was found in Peru, a country where incredible remains and bones have been found with measures that exceed all limits, of humans that perhaps exceeded 4 meters in height. Let’s look at the case of a giant vase dating back 2,400 years, which surely very few have heard of:

The question that has arisen among researchers is: is it the property of the indigenous people with elongated skulls called the Paracas or is it the work of the giant Nephilim? It is a very unique vessel or amphora, unprecedented in the world, 2.8 meters high. Carbon 14 tests were carried out and it was determined that it is 2,400 years old. It was found by archaeologists in the region of Paracas, in Peruvian territory, in the Pisco Valley. Everything points out that it has a lot to do with the Paracas, but at the same time with gigantic ancient extraterrestrial ancestral hybrids of the antiquity.

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It is exactly 2.8 meters high, 5 centimeters thick on the sides, 2 meters in diameter and 12 centimeters at the base. Many unknowns arise before such a mystery. One of them, and it is fundamental, is: what was it really used for?

For the Regional Museum of Ica, this enormous pot was used as a granary in which different foods were kept. Inside, guavas, pallar beans, lucuma and bean seeds were found. Experts believe that at that time, the settlers would have intended to store food in the large jar and then bury it in order to preserve it longer and avoid the process of decomposition caused by heat and oxygen. According to this hypothesis, the idea was to store many elements.

With precision, the analyses of the laboratory indicate that it would have been elaborated in the year 400 B.C., when the Paracas ruled in a great Necropolis in Peru. But what we cannot really know is who made it. An idea that has weighed a lot, is that it is not something native to that region, but that it was moved from great distances, because in all the land where it was found, there are no traces of cooking. 

We can affirm that the great vase is a kind of Oopart, an object out of time and space, since there is none that resembles it that has been found even in the whole country.

The extraterrestrials and the elongated skulls of Paracas

The areas of Paracas and Ica are part of the map where, according to some researchers, extraterrestrials or ancient intergalactic travelers arrived, which are ALSO related to the enigmatic Nazca Lines. It was approximately 2,100 years ago, in the Andean zone of Peru, where presumably a very advanced technology brought from other worlds to the Paracas, natives who mysteriously had their skulls elongated, was developed.

Theories suggest that the elongated skull is due to alien hybridization with humans who are exclusively Rh negative. Some specialized genetic analyses examined the elongated skulls and found that there are serious genomic anomalies, which gives much more strength to the extraterrestrial theory.

The area of Ica in Peru is populated by some indigenous communities. Here we find the majestic Ica Stones, another enigma classified within the Oopart, since they are inexplicable drawings of very futuristic technological artifacts.

Giants in Mesoamerican territories

The Nazca civilization is one of the most remembered, thanks to the enigmatic Nazca Lines, a kind of strange and kilometer-long drawings, with animal shapes and strange humanoids, some similar to an astronaut. All these factors increase the mystery that surrounds this giant vase, which does nothing but break the heads of archaeologists.

But in the case of the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible, curiously they had elongated heads, just like the Peruvian Paracas. According to the Hebrew scriptures, they are giant hybrids of extraterrestrials and humans and are the famous fallen angels. Many suppose that this enormous vase was placed in Peru by the Nephilim. In addition to all these details, there is the fact that other cultures native inhabitants of the American Andes also preserve ancestral stories about giants.

The theories that affirm that giants populated this earth in remote times, gain more and more strength with diverse findings like the one presented in this article, around the world. Some of these findings are considered to be false, while others, such as skeletons of great proportions that exceed several times the size of normal human beings, try to hide them.

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