What is the travel mode of the mobile Huawei and how it works

What is the travel mode of the mobile Huawei and how it works

If you’ve just brand new with a Huawei mobile it is possible that some of the functions that you find the menus you surprised to not be in other layers of personalization. One of them, and of which we shall speak today, is the travel mode.

in Addition to a unique appearance, the layers of customization try to give added value to mobile with new features not present in Android pure. With anteroridad we saw app twin, the simple mode, the safety deposit box and the private space and today it is the turn of one of the most hidden: the travel mode, is a species of do not disturb mode for when you’re driving.

What is the trip mode EMUI

The trip mode Huawei is a special mode in which the phone is more or less blocked, only showing the icon on the phone. While it is active you can not open any application or receive notifications some.

The trip mode is something like a mode with no distractions when you’re driving. By its characteristics it is particularly useful for travel on a motorcycle (its icon is, at the end of the day, a motorcycle helmet), although it is equally useful to the go in the car. In addition to avoid to get distracted, you can answer calls automatically and keep a simple log of your travels.

How to turn it on and set the trip mode

There are two ways to activate the travel mode. The quickest way is from your quick fit, in which case it is done with a single button. If not what you added to the quick settings, then you can achieve the same thing by going to the Settings > About phone > travel Mode. The only thing you need is to select the check box.


Now, after you activate the travel mode as you will not be able to touch anything else, so that you’ll need to configure it before. There really is not much to configure, except for the way in which it will respond automatically to the phone calls: reject no more, with a voice message or a text message.

For voice response, you can choose between a prerecorded message in multiple languages and that comes to say something like “the person you called is driving and can’t attend. If it is urgent, press 1”. If you want, you can record your own message. The text responses include several templates and also you can create your own text.


In this way, when someone calls you on the phone while the travel mode is turned on, the mobile answers the call without letting you know and sends the voice message or the text message. In the case of the voice message, the other person has the option of pressing “1” and the call will ring normally. The phone icon shows a bubble with the number of calls that have been attended to.

Analysis of the trip

As an added feature, the trip mode can also trace your travel. It is optional, so you’ll need to activate it from the settings to change a higher consumption of energy. It is not as complete as share your location in real time, keeping a record only of the total distance and duration.


This log can be viewed in the section Analysis of trip, that stands in a plot of time on the total distance and the time it took for each one of the trips we took while I was on the trip mode is activated in the mobile.

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What is the travel mode of the mobile Huawei and how it works
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January 9, 2020

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