The danger of Windows 10 will be true?

Windows 10 has been the top bet of recent years by the company Microsoft and, at the time, was widely promoted as a free update for those with original versions of its previous Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

The danger of Windows 10 will be true?

Efficiency, spying or software problems?

Upgrading is a significant improvement in efficiency, power, speed and a variety of other wonders. And users who have tried it have been satisfied and it works faster and consumes fewer resources.

However, some people consider that behind such great wonder is hiding something dark or, at the very least, suspicious as the acceptance of receiving data from the microphone by Microsoft being able to transmit information, thus allowing millions of people they might be being heard.

This would be possible based on an artificial intelligence system called Cortana that, apart from its goodness, and according to Katherine Albrecht, an American private consumption expert, Cortana could not only do that, but right now he would be transmitting confidential conversations that can occur anywhere.

But the issue would go further, as Cortana would not only record conversations, but additionally collect information about the keystrokes with a capacity of up to 12,000 words, representing just over 20 pages of Word full of text.

Added to this is the fact that the update had been released for free by the end of July 2015, which had been unprecedented in The history of Windows. According to many experts this was due to the fact that he gained some ground on other operating systems like Mac or Android that threatened to overwhelm the only king of computers for so many years.

However, according to the conspiracy is a further fact that puts a cloak of suspicion on the arch-promoted operating system as they doubt that Microsoft had worked so many yearsto give away its work as an NGO or home philanthropist, unless he had other substantive objectives.

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