What are the advantages of curved TVs?

It’s been some time since so-called curved TVs, which aspire to make a place and even move the current flat-screen TVs, to the market. However, one thing that often happens is that the advantages they would have over traditional flat tVs are unclear.

The magic box of each home is evolving

One of the main advantages they offer is that the curved edges outwards, along with the help of our peripheral vision, not only gives us a greater field of view, but gives us the illusion of depth.

Of course, to take better advantage of these features, you must be in the center position. People on the sides will also notice this effect, but it will be less and less away from the central position.

The wider the screen, the more you can appreciate the curvature and have that sense of depth, an effect that you get because the image is projected from multiple planes.

Likewise, by concentrating the light in the best area of vision, you get a higher contrast and softening of the colors, you get a more enveloping effect and, although keeping the respective proportions, there are those who give it some resemblance to the goodness of the 3D content.

However, not everything is pink, and curved-edged TVs also have some disadvantages. One is the distortion of the image that people can appreciate when their vision isn´t made from the front, but from the sides.

In that claim, it is argued that the viewing angle is approximately 90o, so it will not be necessary to be right in the central position, which is reasonable because on flat tVs it is also very difficult to have an optimal view beyond a range of vision d and 90o

Likewise, the curvature makes it take up more space, which, depending on the environment and our needs, we will not be able to give in all the time. However, considering the pros and cons, it is a good alternative for those willing to pay an additional fee to become one of them.

What are the advantages of curved TVs?
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July 31, 2019

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