Install EasyTrails GPS 6.0

Technology - August 31, 2019

For outdoor sports

Image 1. Install EasyTrails GPS 6.0

EasyTrails GPS for iPhone has been updated to version 6.0, an important release of the app that will turn your iPhone into a real GPS tracker.

EasyTrails GPS is the perfect app for outdoor sports lovers and those who like to travel, to keep track of their outdoor activities, and not only! This is the most robust and powerful EasyTrails version ever released. EasyTrails 6.0 user interface has been rewritten from scratch with the user in mind. Now all the features of the app are always accessible regardless of the state of the application.

It also has a beautiful, dark new theme (a light version will be added in a later version). The application as a whole is now more robust and stable. It should now be impossible to lose the data record, even in case application crashes, the force closes or stops the device.

The app has been present in the AppStore in the last three years, was voted as early as 2009 as the Best Outdoor App by and was confirmed as best sport app in 2011 by

Major changes

  • * App interface has been rewritten from scratch
  • * Added full support for devices with Retina display
  • * Added the ability to share the current position on Twitter
  • * Made sure that data logging is never lost, even in case app crashes, force shuts down or device stops
  • * EasyTrails You can now archive up to 1,000 songs
  • * Added the ability to export/delete multiple tracks at once
  • * Added the ability to resume recording any saved track
  • * GPS points with sufficient accuracy will be marked in red on the map
  • * GPS points with sufficient accuracy will not be taken into account in graphs and statistical information
  • * EasyTrails You can now archive up to 2500 waypoints
  • * Added the ability to export/remove multiple points at the same time,
  • * Screen Map now has a camera button to quickly take a photo and save it as a new landmark with current location
  • * All waypoint information can be edited
  • * Added the ability to navigate to a waypoint using or (if installed)
  • * Export tracking to GPX files will now include precision GPS information (DHS and VDOP values)
  • * Possibility to add to export all track information, including associated points of interest and their images
  • * Additional possibility to copy images to iOS waypoint clipboard
  • * Added the ability to save the reference point image for iOS Camera Roll