History and things you didn’t know about Android

Technology - July 26, 2022

Android is a world-renowned “operating system”, based on another operating system called Linux.  It is a company that is part of the Open Handset, a consortium of 78 hardware, software and telecommunications companies engaged in the development of new technologies for mobile devices, which became part of Google in 2005.

The operating system par excellence in Smartphones

As the English name implies, hardware refers to the“hard parts of a computer system” and its parts are electro-magnetic, mechanical and electrical, consisting of cabinets, cables and boxes.

The software has been the “soft parts” or intangibles, which refer to the components of the programming, which in turn include computer applications mainly, “text processors”, which allow the user to perform all functions that have to do with the editing and production of texts, images among others.

Smartphones own this operating system and this has become the main product that sells this famous company, not only in the United States, but around the world. Like all of humanity’s technological advances, the Android system has had entire decades of being developed, to be what it is today.

Initially, it was designed for touchscreen mobile devices. The first known issue with this operating system was the HTC Dream mobile, which was released in 2008.This operating system is the most used by technology consumers worldwide, as it has managed to surpass other major operating systems such as Windows Phone and IOS.

According to some sources, this operating system is the most desired by international intelligence agencies, because it stores a lot of detailed information of each of its users, which exceed smillion-dollar levels worldwide.

Recently, in June 2014, the brand made public a great development at the technological level, as it managed to unify the hardware with the software and thus expanded the market of its products.

Thanks to this advance, numerous items have been released such as Android Tv, Android Auto, Android Wear and in addition to this I sell a low-end mobile phones known as Android One that served to make their products more affordable because you have the image that they are extremely expensive and are not suitable for all audiences.