10 things you can do with your phone you didn’t know

When we hear the word cell phone safe we come to mind functions like calling or receiving calls, texting, taking photos, listening to music, browsing or interacting with different social networks.

10 things you can do with your phone you didn’t know

However, the world of cell phones has opened up endless possibilities and functions that we may never have imagined and which we can take advantage of. Let’s look at some of them.

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A cell phone can do more than you think

1. Our mobile device is a true receiver and infrared light identifier, a type of light that has less frequency than visible light and that we cannot see with the naked eye. However, the built-in camera with our cell phone can do it. To check it we can use the remote control of our TV by pressing some keys towards the camera while it is active.

2. Our cell phone can also identify passport information, as long as they incorporate an RFID chip and our cell phone has NFC technology. Met these requirements, simply install an NFC passport reading app and bring it closer to your device to show us information such as photo, name, gender, nationality, date of birth or expiration date, among others.

3.A Smartphone allows us to assist in cancer and Alzheimer’s research while we sleep. To do this, you only have to download the Samsung Power Sleep app and leave it active while you charge your phone. In that time, the application leverages the resources of the mobile terminal to help in de-encryption of protein streams, which will be sent to the database of SIMAP, the project of the University of Vienna, this of course without compromising our privacy or our personal information.

4. With our smartphone we can play to be private detectives with the magnifying glass function, same that uses the camera, flash and sensors of our phone to offer us an enlarged image of tiny objects. Another option is to use the maximum zoom directly on the object you want to zoom in.

5. With the Torque app our phone becomes a whole automotive technician that will help us detect errors in our car. To do this we will need an OBD connector and Bluetooth connectivity in the car. The application will give us information on various aspects such as turbo pressure, temperature, fuel level, among others.

6. Our Smartphone can be turned into an entire computer center in your pocket. To do this, you only need an OTG cable with two or more ports to which you can connect keyboard and mouse or other devices. In cases where your terminal does not have OTG support we will also have the alternative of doing so via Bluetooth.

7. Reading the balance of the cards of some mass transport systems is something that we can also do from our cell phone although, for this, as in the case of passports, our device must have NFC technology.

8. Sometimes we find ourselves in trouble when it comes to taking some action, but thanks to the ruler application our pocket device becomes a portable ruler. Of course, it won’t have the same one-meter performance, but it can get us out of trouble.


9. Free calls are gradually making their appearance, and if the person we call is in the United States or Canada, the Hangouts app, native to Android, will serve us. You only need to download the Hangouts Dialer or dialer and we will have totally free calls to landlines or mobile phones in the United States.

10. Our phone, with the right applications, and sometimes with extra devices, allows us many additional functions, among them are thermometer, compass, distance reader, altitude, air pressure, barometer and bitcoin generator several more, and I’m sure more features will appear in the future.

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