Why Is Digital Signage Gaining Popularity?

Why Is Digital Signage Gaining Popularity?

Digital signage is a useful asset to implement in a wider marketing plan. It provides exposure, boosts your company profile, and is highly effective at engaging customers too. For all these reasons and more, these devices have surged in popularity in recent years. It is useful to explore exactly why digital signage is gaining popularity to better understand how to impact effective channels of use. This guide explores the whys and the hows that every business can benefit from.

Digital signage is a useful asset to implement in a wider marketing plan. It provides exposure, boosts your com...

What Is Digital Signage?

There are a few forms of digital LED signage to pick from, and it all depends on where you want to be seen and who you need to reach with your content. Digital signage serves to promote, advertise, market, and display interactions for business purposes (or domestic, but not for the subject of this article).

 A mobile sign, for example, will allow for widespread coverage at a large-scale event such as a festival or concert. Mobile signs are brilliant platforms for interactive digital media and are far more engaging in this context. This is a sign that displays the chosen content and can be wheeled or carried up and down an area to reach more eyes. A billboard is a large digital sign that is placed in a strategic location to display key information such as promotions, a new store opening, or even job vacancies in a local community.

Why Is Digital Signage Gaining Popularity?

Customer Engagement Factors: Establishing a Relationship

Nearly 70% of consumers buy a product because of digital signage. This is a fact that will only climb higher in the years to come. There is a lot of evidence in this area to support these platforms being viable assets for a company in relation to engaging customers toward their business and creating solid sales links. They achieve this mainly through creating interest in either a specific product or the range of items within a store (or online). They are enticing, especially if an interactive model is implemented, and can also serve as a call to action for consumers through presenting QR codes or links to socials and sites.

Prolonging the Time Spent in Store

Physical stores, they are also useful for prolonging interest and time spent shopping. This means a higher chance of sales and an increase in value as well!

It Complements any Marketing Strategy

Companies need to implement effective content rather than falling victim to redundant clickbait. Why? Because a solid marketing strategy has to incorporate multi-faceted content in order to remain relevant and impactful. Marketing depends on multiple cogs all turning at once. There are email marketing, social media, content blogging, SEO tactics, and general media approaches to be considered and the best strategies make sure all the key players have a core responsibility in what they bring to the consumers. Digital signage has fitted in nicely in this respect. It is a great place to repurpose already existing content and brings a high level of exposure for anything you need.

The Tech is Better Than Ever

Why Is Digital Signage Gaining Popularity?

The high-end screens have amazing technology with stunning visuals too. They can be adapted for a range of environments from sunny days to indoor shopping facilities. The quality of the technology behind these signs has advanced heavily in recent years because there have been both specific and general developments in this arena. This means crisp and clear display channels where your content will be viewed through happy eyes.

Wide Scope of Opportunity

The content potential for these boards is fairly infinite. As long as you are within your country’s business practice regulations, you can display whichever information you need. Running a new promotion? Looking for a new head of sales? Need to boost the exposure of an upcoming product before the launch? Want to tell the world who you are and link to your social? The list goes on! The opportunity scope here is wide, and that means there is everything to play for. Customers will only stay engaged if the digital signage provides useful channels of connection for them personally in their B2C journey, after all. Therefore, the increase in popularity is largely owing to just how useful digital signage is for any business. It is a credible channel that can be utilized in multiple ways to improve engagement, create sales leads, display exciting news and push traffic to the company site. These are invaluable features, that contribute positively to any marketing strategy.

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